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2. ii


It's officially the first day of summer before my upcoming senior year. I throw on my lavender bikini and pull some cut off, bleached, blue jean shorts over the bottom piece. I grab a towel and walk outside. My town has this public pool right outside of my neighborhood that all of the high school goes to on the first day of summer. I walk down the sidewalk and I hear a group of people behind me. I glance over and see a group of guys in their swimsuits.

"Hey! It's Meg!!!" One shouts. Does everyone know me now? I turn around and they all wave excitedly. 

"Let us escort you to the pool" one jokes.

"Okay, you have to carry me like servants" I command. They all pick me up and begin strutting through my neighborhood like this happens every day. As we enter the pool gates they all begin chanting.

"Make way! Our queen is coming through!!!" People look up from their phones and such and all cheer. I laugh as they put me down on my feet. I have a bunch of people and talk to me. They don't even mention my 'fight.' They just talk to me like I'm their friend. I really can't act up. I want to stay here. I'm finally fitting in.


I finally make it back home. It's around dinner time. Someone at the pool grilled chicken, burgers, and hot dogs. I walk inside and my mom is standing there.

"You didn't tell me where you were going" she glares at me. I sigh.

"Mom, you know every year I go to the pool party"

"Yes, but I had a neighbor come tell me you were letting a bunch of boys touch you"

"Mom, look. I was walking and they came over and were jokingly worshipping me because of that 'fight.' So I called them my servants and made them carry me. I'm the school's queen. They called me Queen Megs. I have friends. Some people actually got to know me. You really need to believe me"

She stares at me. Great.


"Mom! They weren't touching me in a nasty way. They were really nice. Okay, you really need to just leave me alone-"

"That's it. You've never interrupted me. You never back talk. You'd always say yes ma'am and now you just try to explain yourself. How am I supposed to know you're safe?"

"I am"

"I don't know that. Megan...I need to send you to your father's"

"Mom, you've barely given me a chance!"

"You wouldn't need chances if you had just obeyed in the first place" she walks off and I hear her dial a number. My dad. Great. Just great. My dad lives all the way in Arizona. I don't want to go there. I like it here in Connecticut.


It's Wednesday and I'm on my way to the airport. Joy.

"Mom, don't do this" I look at her as she struggles to take my suitcase out.

We're in the line of cars, so she can't take too much time. I grab my other bags and stand on the sidewalk.

"I love you, bye" she drives off. What the hell? I drag myself inside.

My flight doesn't leave for three hours. I get through the security area and decide to pick up some lunch from the Taco Bell in here.

"Flight 23D boarding in five minutes"

"Jesus Christ" I shove a cinnamon twist in my mouth and wipe the spice onto my black skinny jeans. I throw my blue backpack on my back and roll my suitcase to my boarding area. Everyone begins heading to the gate and walking down the long hallway to the plane. I do the same after handing the attendant my ticket.


My phone buzzes as soon as I get off the plane. It's my dad. 


"Hey, Megan. I'm outside building A. Come out when you're ready. You'll see me, if you even recognize me"

We hang up. I never see my dad. I used to every other weekend, but he moved to Arizona in January this year, so now I get to see him for a week every Christmas. But entire month of my summer. I only hate him, because he left me. He was supposed to stay and take care of me, but he was too busy with Miranda. His fiancé. I walk outside and automatically see him waving at me. He's actually an attractive man. It's hard to forget his face. I sigh and walk slowly over to him.

"How's my little bug?!" He gives me a huge hug, making me drop my suitcase.

"I'm great dad" I let go. He always called me his MegBug, but when he left, I never heard it again. He smiles and takes my bags to his car. I was planning to sit in the front seat but he had a bunch of mail there.

"Sorry sweetie. I keep all of my mail here when I come home and leave"

"It's fine" I climb into the back seat. He drives me past huge, and I mean huge, houses.

"This is it" he says pulling up to two black gates. He presses a small button that opens them and pulls up the longest driveway I've ever seen. My jaw drops at the sight of this mansion. It's pure white. Jesus.

"Woah..." I say to myself. He doesn't have a garage, but seriously, why would he need one? He parks the car and helps me out. I grab my bags and he leads up to two large black doors at the front. It's just like anyone would expect to see walking into a mansion. A foyer. The floors checkered as black and white, and the typical cliche spiral stairs that lead to two more stories above this one. The rail bars are a gold color. I'm already in love with this house.

"Dad, I didn't know you were this rich"

"Megan, Miranda is too" he laughs, "I couldn't do this on my own" I cringe at her name. I don't even want to meet her or her stupid son.

"Miranda!" He shouts. I hear a pan drop from the right side of the house. Must be the kitchen. I see a tall woman with long, brown hair walk in. She's wearing a cute, black pencil skirt with an apron over it and a white button up shirt that's tucked in. She's so gorgeous kill me.

"Hi! You must be the famous Megan Chad always talks about" she waves to me. I like that fact that she didn't come over and hug me like those fake soon-to-be step-moms do.

"Yes, that would be me" I smile, not fakely like I was preparing to do. I thought I would find something off about her, but she seems perfect.

"My son would love to meet you, but he's out with is friend. He'll be back for dinner. I hope you don't mind having another boy around" she laughs. She makes me feel really comfortable.

"No, no, it's no problem at all" I nod.

"Well, lets go take your things to your room!" She picks up my suitcase and leads me up the marble stairs.

I'm on the second level. She leads me into my room. Everything is purple, black, and blue. I love it. My favorite colors. There are two french doors beside my queen sized bed, meaning I have a balcony.

"So what's on the third level?" I ask her.

"Sometimes people rent upstairs, but majority of the rooms are for our two housekeepers and our landscapers" 

"Oh wow" I say. I follow her back downstairs.

"Dinner will be in an hour. If you want, Danny, one of your dad's workers from the country club can show you around the club" she says and links arms with my father.

"Oh" I look at my rugged, red chucks, "sure"

Danny, who is probably nineteen, walks in and takes me outside.

"Hi" he smiles, "I'm sure you know my name already, yes?"

"Yes, I do" I nod. He shows me a simple golf cart. I sit next to him in it.

"Well, I know who you are as well. Your father talks about you a lot. He said he was excited you were coming, even though it was for discipline"

"Hey, do you know if he's really strict?" I ask.

"Honestly, no. He is usually working or partying. Of course he does a lot of stuff with his family, but he is not even close to strict. That's why I was a little surprised your mom sent you here in hopes it'd fix you"

"I didn't do anything wrong" I look back at the house that gets smaller and smaller as we drive down the driveway.

"I know. Her reason was stupid. But I think you'll really enjoy it here"

"I bet I won't even want to go home" I laugh and he does as well.



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