when you have an innocent mind, you'll see the things you've never seen before. you'll be amazed by what someone brings to you.. // Original product of Olivia Turner. Do not copy or share without permission. ©2015


1. i


"Megan, I'm not sure if you should go to this party"

"Mom, you didn't let me go to any of the parties during the school year. It's the end of the year party. Just let me go"

"Who's throwing it?"

"Some girl named Genevieve"

"I swear to God if you get pregnant, I will kick you out" she walks off upstairs.

"Whatever" I run upstairs. I'm kind of an innocent girl. Goody two-shoes. But have you ever met that person who kind of changes you? Your personality? Not in a bad way, but change as in you become a better person. I want that to happen to me. I'm tired of being so boring and innocent. I want someone to come along and show me another light on the other side of the fence where the grass is greener. Whether it be a boyfriend or one of my girl friends. I don't want to be an innocent mind.

I slide on my leather jacket and ripped jeans after I slip into my white sleeveless crop top. I leave my dirty blonde hair by my waist. I grab my phone and shove it into my back pocket. My mom hates me wearing this out in public, but I'm getting older and need to move on in my childish style. I grab the keys and sneak past her room. I climb into my car and put Genevieve's address that was on her Facebook in my GPS.

I clearly pull up to the right house, seeing that there are one hundred cars here and partying teens's shadows against the closed curtains. 

"Okay" I take a deep breath, "I can do this" I climb out of my car and walk up to the front door. People run up from behind me and just burst through the front door. They're dressed somewhat like me, so I don't feel too awkward. I decide to follow their footsteps and burst through also. Instead of getting weird looks, like I expected, I get tons of smiles and waves and hugs.

"Hey, want a drink" some boy asks handing me a red cup. He looks like one of those dorks who thinks he's cool, but he's not. I take the drink and stand near a doorway.

"Don't drink that. He laced it" a girl glides by and slips the cup away from my hands.

"Laced?" I ask, "Why?"

"To get you to have sex. Those guys really shouldn't be here," she points at a circle of losers, "because they do it a lot. But since all of the girls 'consent,' it's not rape"

"That's sick" I scoff.

"I know. Lucky for you, I watch out for girls at Genevieve's parties"

"Thanks" I nod and she walks away. 

Well, I could've gotten raped tonight. I wander through the kitchen. Everyone's dancing and guys are just awkwardly rubbing against and around me and some girls are as well. Some redhead girl pulls my arm and makes me dance with some of her friends. It seems that no one introduces themselves. It's just, 'Yo, bitch, come dance with me' not, 'Hi, I'm so-and-so.' This is a school party, but I'm gonna admit, my school is literal dog shit. It's also so big and full of thousands of teens, so when a school party is thrown, it's at Gen's house because it's so large. And I don't even know half of my school.

After so much dancing and cramps from liquids swishing through my organs, the party is led outside to some sort of commotion. Two girls are fighting. Yanking each other's hair and violently punching one another's face and gut.

"Someone do something!" I hear a girl screech. It's Genevieve. I decide to rush over to break it up. I used to do wrestling so yeah. I jump in between them and one swings at me but misses. A boy grabs the calm one, while the other keeps swinging. I turn and punch her square in the face. She falls on the grass and cries. I hear whooping and chanting and a few jocks lift me up and the majority of the school surrounds me and cheers.


A fucking police car pulls up. Some idiot called the cops. Great. The sobbing girl, the calm one, and I are handcuffed and thrown into the back of two separate cars. 

The calm one is with me.

"What's your name?" I ask her.


"Why are you so calm about all of this, Katie?"

"She bullies me, and I beat the shit out of her, but SOMEONE stopped me" she smiles at me.


"No, thank you. I don't want to have a black eye anyways" she laughs. I laugh as well. Sadly, we pull up to the police station.

"How do I get out of here?" I ask the guard through my cell bars.

"When someones comes and signs you out. Should I call someone?" He asks.

Shit. My mom will be livid with me, and with what I'm wearing. But I really did nothing wrong. She can have the whole school testify for me.

"My mom..." I gulp. I tell him her number and tap on the bars nervously as it rings.


"Megan, I can't even believe you" she scolds me as we walk out of the station doors.

"Mom, I'm telling you, I hit her because she swung at me. I was trying to break up the fight!" I throw my arms by my side, "My whole school could testify that"

"Yes, because I'm definitely going to believe a bunch of drunk teenagers. I'm calling your father when we get home" she scoffs.

"W-Why?" I stop walking. She turns to me and yanks my arm and drags me.

"You've been a little rebellious lately. Getting into fights, wearing inappropriate clothing to a party, detention..."

"Mom, my outfit isn't that bad" I glare at her.

"I know, but it is bad to wear to a party with a bunch of disgusting boys"

"Okay" I slam the car door after getting in. She gets in the driver's seat and starts the car. I plug the aux cord into my phone and play All Time Low's Dear Maria, Count Me In. She stops at a red light.

"And I also think you shouldn't listen to...this music" she changes it to the radio and plays old 80s music. I huff and shove my phone into my jacket pocket. Why can't my mother just let me live? All I want is to break the rules a little bit. That's just how teenagers are. I won't go smoke or drink...Or get pregnant. In fact, I won't even have sex until I'm married. She just assumes if I throw a damn egg at a house, I'm automatically selling marijuana in a dark alley. She has no faith in my decisions.

We arrive back at our house and she tells me to sit in the living room. She walks up to her room to call my father. I tap my feet on the white carpet anxiously. Her footsteps echo on the hardwood as she walks down the stairs. Here we go.

"Megan, you father and I have been talking, obviously. Another outbreak, and I'm sending you to his house for a month"

"Mom! No! That's so unfair! I love it here...Look I know you barely let me live, but I hate dad. I can't go live with him! It'll be like a living hell!!!"

"Megan, this is when you step in, and mature. No more rebellion"

"I did nothing wrong!!!"

"Megan" she says sternly, "just stay out of trouble. Besides, if you do go there, he has a very large house. He owns his own country club"

"Great...So he's all preppy now..."

"He has a fiancé and a son"

"Yay...A brother" I roll my eyes. I don't want some shitty kid running underneath my feet for a month. I need to do something to keep me from 'getting in trouble,' but my mother clearly is iffy about every little thing. So what now?


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