Umi Kichida is part of a family of assassins, and not by chose either. Umi, one day, hears about an exam to become a ninja, in order to take this so called "exam" you have to be thirteen. When Umi turns thirteen, already a "pro" assassin, she runs away from home and takes the exam. While taking this "exam" Umi discovers a hidden path, will she take it? Or will she run?


1. Escaping

       Umi is walking around a town called, Clouldlist after assassinating a man with a classified name. She walks by three people a lady says,"Hey, have you heard of the Ninja Exam?" now Umi is interested in what is being said, so she quickly jumps behind a trashcan that is near the group of people talking. "Huh? What's the Ninja Exam?" A man asks,"You haven't heard? That's surprising. Almost every twelve year old knows this," a more proper​ lady. 

       I have nicknames for you three. Mrs.Lady, Mrs.Proper, and Mr.Man. Umi' s eleven year old mind thought.

      "Oh..." Mr.Man says,"Anyways," Mrs.Lady starts,"The Ninja Exam is where many people go and take this exam to see if they can become a ninja,"

       Umi gets curious, so she gets out of her hiding spot and walks towards them. Catching them by surprise Mr.Man jumps in front of the women. Seeing that it's only a child he relaxes his guard, and gets back to where he was. "What do you want child?" Mrs.Lady says sharply,"Don't be rude, it's only a child!" Mrs.Proper says sternly. "I was wondering, where is exam site?" "What are You talking about?" Mr.Man asks her suspiciously,"I heard you three talking about a Ninja Exam. So I was wondering where this exam takes place at," Umi explain a to them. "I heard that it is at a place called the Ninja Shrine," Mrs.Proper says,"When?" Umi asks,"Once every two years. Always starts on the summer solstice," Mrs.Proper replies. Umi then walks away, having all the information     *      *      *        

       After two years of hard work Umi is thinking about an escape plan. ​Okay, I want them to feel as much pain as the many victims did. But wait . . . That would be impossible. Well, one day I will. GET ON TOPIC UMI! Can't plan their death yet. Now let's get this plan going! Umi' s now thirteen mind thought.




       Umi starts to walk down the hallway leading to her dad's room. Her dad's name was Shinigami Kichida. Shinigami Kichida is the strongest, wisest, smartest, and scariest Kichida family member. He even made the other family members have a shiver go up their spine. Umi then came across two skinny, green, and elegant doors. Those doors lead to Shinigami' s room. 

       She knocks on his door,"Come in." Shinigami replies in his booming voice.

*Umi POV (point of view)*

       As I walk in a shiver goes down my back, because of the coldness. "What did you want Umi," "Um... can I . . . go on an assassination mission . . . that is somewhat far from here?" I ask trying to think of a "lie". It might actually be an assassination mission, ​I think to myself. "Why of course you can Umi! Does it pay well?" Shinigami asks excitedly,"Actually I'm just bored, and they are poor." I told him hoping that it worked. "I see, well have fun," Shinigami says a little disappointed. I turn around and walk towards the door. "Oh, don't stay away for long Umi," "I will try not to . . . Dad," I then ​quickly ​walking  out and through the halls. 

       As I rush through the halls going to my bedroom. I grab a huge bag, and start to pack my things. After I finished packing, I try to appear calm as I head towards the exit. As I exit I think, ​something's up. It was way to easy to leave without being seen. I proved my thought to be true as I heard my mother, Shinsetsu Kichida, ask,"Honey, where are you going?" ​crap! I tthought. I turn towards her,"You aren't running away​ are you?" Shinsetsu asked. I didn't say anything, but I ran towards her and took my throwing knives and plunge them into her legs and arms. Then I high-tailed it out of there.

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