Could you Imagine?

These are just some imagines I made up please don not copy me I you do I will be very hurt. I came up with all of these, comment what you think about them and comment which one is your favorite.


5. The unexpected

(this one isn't about 1D it's about the famous Doctor Who please comment if you scream LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)


Your walking around in New York when you see a man, he definitely stands out of the crowd. You notice that he's walking towards you, then he bumps into you and grabs your fore arm and turns you so you both are facing the same direction. "It's alright, I'm the Doctor, I need your help."


(if you liked that, so did I, I have to be honest with you. I did scream my head off when I thought of this but if YOU liked this then please, please, please comment, I would love to hear from you LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!)

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