Could you Imagine?

These are just some imagines I made up please don not copy me I you do I will be very hurt. I came up with all of these, comment what you think about them and comment which one is your favorite.


7. Suprise



Your home alone, you've dreamed about meeting One Direction for a long time now. One night you feel like someone is watching you, then you hear a knock on your front door, of coarse it startles you. You open the door to see no one's there, you try to shrug off what had happened. Your friends decide to come over and hang out for a while, you walk into your room to change into something other than your pj's. Once your finished you slowly walk out looking at the ground, then you hear new voices, there familiar but at the same time there new, like you've heard them before but not up close. You look up to see the boys looking at you in awe.

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