Could you Imagine?

These are just some imagines I made up please don not copy me I you do I will be very hurt. I came up with all of these, comment what you think about them and comment which one is your favorite.


10. Just mates



You and your best friend Liam are baking cakes for your sisters birthday tomorrow, you walk over to the eggs and grab a couple. Then you turn around and you immediately have flour in your face and you drop the eggs by accident. You wipe the flour out of your eyes to see Liam in complete shock, then he starts smiling and so do you. Then before you know it the whole kitchen is white and so are the two of you. You take a step back and you slip on the eggs that you dropped and Liam tries to take your hand to help you from falling but fails. You fall backwards and when you hit the floor Liam catches himself right above you. You stare at each other in the eyes and then you feel him leaning in. You close your eyes and then you feel something cold and wet, you open your eyes to see that he picked up an egg and actually set it on your lips. You sit up and the egg falls down on the floor and Liam helps you up after laughing a little. Then when you're up straight he pulls you close, you're shocked at his movements and stare at him. Then he cups your cheek in his hand and lets the other stroke your back and then you feel it. He kisses you for the first time and it's the only thing you've wanted since you first met......

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