Could you Imagine?

These are just some imagines I made up please don not copy me I you do I will be very hurt. I came up with all of these, comment what you think about them and comment which one is your favorite.


2. Game night (harry)



It's game night at your house but you live alone, you post on Facebook if anyone wants to come over and have game night with you there welcome to. After about 20 minutes your phone rings and it's your boyfriend, he called to tell you that he's on his way for game night. You can't help but laugh that he saw your post then you hang up. After he shows up and plays a couple board games with you, he decides to play karaoke with you cause harry being harry knows you can sing but you don't normally like to. He makes you sing "Feeling good'' by Michael Buble and in the meaning time he videos you on his phone with out you noticing. You finish the song and turn around to see that he's holding up his phone then shuts it off, ''brovo my love, that was fantastic!'' He clapped his hands the placed them around your waist and kisses you passionately.


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