Could you Imagine?

These are just some imagines I made up please don not copy me I you do I will be very hurt. I came up with all of these, comment what you think about them and comment which one is your favorite.


4. Birthday



Your in the kitchen making your boy friend his birthday for a surprise since he's on tour. There's some left over frosting on the spoon in your hand, you hold it in the air to think about what you want to do to the cake. Then the spoon is ripped out of your hands, you turn around to see that it's your boyfriend with a bright smile a crossed his face. You tell him that you were going to eat the frosting off the spoon, then he does the unthinkable. He brings the spoon to his lips and wipes it all over his lips and smiles at you, "then come and get it.'' Those were the only words he had to say before you ran to him and kisses him with passion.

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