Bullied 😭


2. new girl πŸ‘€

Leigh-Anne POV

New school, new house what could go wrong everything seemed perfect....I walked into school with my head down,typing on my phone when someone very tall bumps into me

"Watch where your going fat ass"Michael shouts

"Shut the fuck up and leave me alone you jack ass!"I yelled back michaels friends ran up behind him looking me up and down.

First bell rang

My first lesson was English. I walk to my locked grab my books and run to class, I sat at the back with my sister (jesy) as the four boys walked in I felt Michael stare right at me. Wtf was his problem I thought

Michaels POV

I look over at the new girl making eye contact as she look away. Waiting for the teacher to put us in pairs. Luke with jesy, Calum with Bethany, Ashton with Chloe, finally Michael with Leigh-Ann.... Oh so that was her name I get up to sit next to her a she lets out a sigh


"Nothing, just didn" I cut her off

"So I'm really shit at maths and I looked at your schedule and noticed we had the same lesson.."I said softly


"Will you tutor me?"

"I would be nice if you said please." She giggles

"Please with you tutor me?"

"Yes" she said

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