Those little things (GXG)

Cassidy parker has fallen hopelessly in love with jennifer hannigan,the new girl across the street,the problem is jennifer may not be a lesbian or bi,that's the thing that sucks,those little moments in life with jennifer just makes cassidy fall more in love and doubt the thought of being loved back.


1. The drowsy day

I groan as i feel a pull on my covers "go away...." i mumble sleepily. "No..BIG SISSY!! wake up!!" my little sister kayla remarks. "ugh...kayla what do you need me for,what do you want from me? blood..." "no!...and that's just gross" i could see from under the covers that kayla made an 'ewww that's gross' face. i giggle slightly. i pull the covers off of my face. she grins in victory. i yawn slowly and grab her by the arms. she starts giggling as i tickle her softly. she giggles ahrder and harder each time. i yawn again stopping slowly. i hug her drowsily and yawn-Once again i yawn slowly. my eyes start to fall asleep. I fall asleep with my sister in my arms.

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