R&B Undercover: Dominique Brown

Dominique Brown is an R&B singer that she begging her sisters and cousin to perform a girl group called r&b undercover the group has a sassy and classy looks and flirts like there is no problem things turned left when they started dating superstars like basketball players and singers Dominique tried to warn them about the being a celebrity and gossip is everywhere at the ending they know how to tell the truth and not let people run over you.


7. Kindness

Khadija has remembered everything that has happened to the fight with the Brown sisters and cousin Amel always wanted to be so much for them to join which it is going to take a few years to her album contract so she can get a chance to know what she is capable of being a singer if she comes back to her sisters, amel met up with Khadjia to talk about the fight against her sisters while they talked they have something in common. Amel call the girls and she talked to Khadjia she was with her while they were having a lunch together amel excites Khadija with inviting the girls and she made an apology to December destiny and Dominique hugged Khadija and became friends. The tour of their own made Dominique take her son with her Khadija and amel came to talk and December was buddies with the boy that she met at the concert they link up and talked at the candy shop they started kissing and remsincing when they were young with singing they did a duet together he started kissing her she trying to tell him she too young for boys to make out he said "It's okay I'll be sweet to you baby" she kissed him again this morning she had to go home and see their grandparents before they leave the only who came was Monica and Ricky they had to entertain them for nine hours. Destiny went home first she didn't realize that her grandparents came and Dominique stayed home after the concert and December was at her new boyfriend's house destiny wonder that she slept with that boy she just met she was like she isn't a young girl anymore she still needs freedom they still fought for themselves but they only sixteen and that is how Monica had going on she kept that a secret for a long time and what they don't know is about their dad leaving them it's Ricky who is their father of the girls he has been distance and spending time with Monica ever since the record deal that they had to be around the girls but he has nothing about them life wasn't the same that Monica had them when she was sixteen and her parents knew at the time that she told them that she had the girls at thirty when she moved out. Khadija was going home but she was being very supportive when it came to tell Monica about the birth of the girls that she loves dearly and Ricky goddaughter is her since she told a secret about herself so they are hypnotically cousins so everything is getting out of the bag for spilling secrets so the kindness that gives them the power to see how much love that they have together is family never letting go.

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