R&B Undercover: Dominique Brown

Dominique Brown is an R&B singer that she begging her sisters and cousin to perform a girl group called r&b undercover the group has a sassy and classy looks and flirts like there is no problem things turned left when they started dating superstars like basketball players and singers Dominique tried to warn them about the being a celebrity and gossip is everywhere at the ending they know how to tell the truth and not let people run over you.


6. I remember everything

The girls started out with thanking their fans to letting them not be judge about the fight against khadija they won't let that be the case of their fans of not listening to their music and not letting none of them be the blame. Khadjia wasn't sure to waste her time to face the sisters Dominique always has to be an easy going to let things go she call khadija to make an apology to the girls and especially December for making fun of her health everyone was waiting for khadija to apologize to december and the girls monica went to the restroom and see what was going on with khadija not being here Dominique was wasting time for nothing. Nothing is wrong with khadija she doesn't want nothing to do with the sisters december wants to be respected and people wanted to be so disrespectful to people that are sick it on the other hand the girls decide to go out somewhere and have fun so two boys that was sixteen and play basketball they were really attracted to destiny and Dominique so they decided to double date and the time is ticking for them to come home for the ricky to be hosting an award show and they were the ones to sing for them ricky started a tour with r&b undercover along with them they were excited for the whole thing Khadjia still has to perform with these two girls so she might has to deal with it when the tour started the three didn't talk to each other over the fight against each other all the fans were their to be supportive the girls started warming up Dominique had a son Tony and december had to sing for her so she finally have a great experience without being sick or in pain. Destiny has to honor December for the event of how she experience being sick she gave destiny a hug and the tour came to an ending.

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