R&B Undercover: Dominique Brown

Dominique Brown is an R&B singer that she begging her sisters and cousin to perform a girl group called r&b undercover the group has a sassy and classy looks and flirts like there is no problem things turned left when they started dating superstars like basketball players and singers Dominique tried to warn them about the being a celebrity and gossip is everywhere at the ending they know how to tell the truth and not let people run over you.


2. Contract

The girls were in the studio harmonizing on a new song a boy group zone were just signed in west records and the boys were introducing themselves to the girls they look at each other like they all some beautiful and handsome personalities so things are perfect for now they looked at the song their about to sing for the full moon awards and they have to sound their best the boys started harmonizing first then the girls all of them sounded really good they practice in the studio and that was the best performance ever monica their mother has been on edge since she saw Ricky for twelve years ever since they had a love affair things has been different since then they remain friends. Everyone is getting ready for showtime and all of the kids were warming up for the stage amel was nervous about being on stage for a lot of people ever since she had stage fright her voice has been silent for a while back since she was ten. It was time for them to be on stage the kids had so much fun including amel she was definitely feeling the crowd tham what she thinks the show was over she saw her ex flirting with other people things never change back in the day. December was in so much pain they call the hospital and amel stayed in the house with the boys to keep them company the girls knows why she is so much pain the doctor that is not it she has kidney failure she going to be really sick for a while the girls know that she is going to be okay the boys were waiting for them to come to their house destiny got December to sleep and monica went out for a drink with Ricky they don't know that because monica doesn't know the girls were going to the boys house and they way they're having fun monica and ricky were drunk and they look into each other eyes and kiss each other this morning the kids were warming up for the music video they all had fun from being kids and being who they are as singers.

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