R&B Undercover: Dominique Brown

Dominique Brown is an R&B singer that she begging her sisters and cousin to perform a girl group called r&b undercover the group has a sassy and classy looks and flirts like there is no problem things turned left when they started dating superstars like basketball players and singers Dominique tried to warn them about the being a celebrity and gossip is everywhere at the ending they know how to tell the truth and not let people run over you.


8. Brown Pieces of the puzzle

Ever since everyone spill their secrets they had the silent treatment to each other since dominique had no clue what was going on she pulled the girls aside talk to them at the fact that they dealing with silly drama overall their family and besides that their lives would be okay without people that is going to treat them wrong so dominique had no time to wait she was too tired of her family being real sensitive about the same thing over and over again destiny was telling her that they had them at sixteen and eighteen years old and ricky is their dad now that was a little bit much they just didn't know what to do expect ask but it would tear monica down. The girls need to do what is right to keep this family together so many changes who knows being treated as the like for people destiny is feeling guilty of telling december secret about messing around with a boy that she barely know when they talk to monica and their grandparents they were very understanding finding the right place to be as family even though it can be a hard pill to swallow. Obviously everyone needed each other when things got better since December went to the hospital and amel stayed with her also destiny too everything was curable and had a new kidney stones and stayed being healthy so finally it was a relief when they found out the news their grandparents stayed for their birthday everyone had a good time they saod it is so good to be seventeen. The girls need to practice with ricky for their new album Star and then taking a break for a while and another thing dominque son is starting to be one anytime soon destiny fans started to wonder if she would ever do solo that would be a no because she have sisters that can be with her in this journey they finally pick up every piece to their puzzle and wondered what happened if they ever didn't have anytime to sing anymore and focus on school.

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