R&B Undercover: Dominique Brown

Dominique Brown is an R&B singer that she begging her sisters and cousin to perform a girl group called r&b undercover the group has a sassy and classy looks and flirts like there is no problem things turned left when they started dating superstars like basketball players and singers Dominique tried to warn them about the being a celebrity and gossip is everywhere at the ending they know how to tell the truth and not let people run over you.


3. Amel Time To Shine

Amel stated that she wants to sing more because she thinks that she don't get enough attention as a singer because Dominique gets most of the singing parts she gets really annoyed at the time it was the idea for Dominique to sing lead and the three girls to sing background since things changes the whole thing amel started to think separate ways for the days that she had this whole dream to be singer which she will sometimes she just impatient for being too much for them to handle so destiny felt like amel was doing too much with thinking always about her she needed a break for her to clear her mind. Three days later another producer called for amel and she went to the record company and the producer named Quentin Delight and he loves her and took amel under his wing for her to be in his record company so everything was changing when December came out of the hospital she decides to quit the group too because of how sick she is they were going to be okay so Dominique and destiny were the only two in the group until yesterday Ricky was putting a new girl Khadija on the group since amel and December was out for so many reasons like being sick and needed to be singing more. They wonder what happened to zone they weren't sign here anymore so they wanted to quit since they weren't recognize that is how amel felt so it wasn't going to be bothered with Khadija the girls met her and they decides to be friends with Khadija while they got to know her they started to name the album Sassy because they had this attitude that makes people look up as a confident person. When they first got started their singing voices started to be different they loved it including Khadija sang lead for the first time and all three girls had the best time making this album together and even outside like shopping and eating out also meeting boys so they hope that everything runs smoothly while amel worked with Quentin he loved her voice he didn't understand why she was shy at the first place she has a beautiful voice and personality Monica came by and heard amel's voice and she didn't realize that she didn't have the voice to sing with her cousins so amel needed a brand new start for herself to make her own decisions and do this by herself she wanted time for her to shine.

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