Nothing After Midnight

Krista Jenkins had an great life. She was great in school, she was great at sports, and she was great at singing. Despite all these accomplishments, she felt that she was just another face in the crowd.

Until she met the one person that would change her life forever.


12. Without You

A/N: Hi everyone! I'm so sorry for not updating in a while, but I'm also working on a Harry Potter type fanfic called Astoria Williamson and the Animagus- Year One. Check it out if you feel like it! Okay, here we go, sorry for the self promo!

Krista's POV

I sigh and lift tons of heavy books into my backpack. I swing my bag over my shoulders and I walk out of the school towards my house.

It has been three months since Michael left. While we've talked everyday, I still feel extremely lonely. I miss him more everyday. I wouldn't say I'm depressed, as I'm happy around my friends, but I have anxiety when I'm not with them. Maybe it's partly from Mikey leaving, or Sofie passing away, but either way I can't seem to be my normal self.

The soft April breeze messes with my hair as I walk along, the sun beaming down on me. I pull out my phone and FaceTime Mikey. He answers after two rings, his face full of joy.

"Hey, Krista!" Michael exclaims, and I notice that his hair was now light blue. Alyssa runs up behind him, grinning and waving at the camera, and I see Ashton poking Calum on a nearby couch.

"You changed your hair!" I say with excitement in my voice. He nods, a huge smile on his face.

"Yeah." He says. "I miss you." Tears swell in my eyes, but I quickly blink them away.

"I miss you too. I can't wait until I can see you all on the American tour..." My voice trails off, and Mikey takes the phone into a different room where there was nobody else.

"What's wrong?" Michael asks, and tears immediately begin to stream from my eyes.

"It's just... I really miss you. When you're not here, I feel very... I don't know. Nevermind. It doesn't matter." I say, wiping my eyes. 

Michael tilts his head. "Yeah, it does matter. You matter. What's wrong?" He asks again, his voice rising.

"I said it doesn't matter!" I retort, becoming more upset. "What if I don't want to talk about it?"

"Tell me what's wrong!" Mikey exclaims, and I feel tears in my eyes.

"You really want to know?" I hiss, all of the loneliness from the past three months rushing into my mind. "I'm f-ing depressed because you aren't here. I feel empty. I'm scared that you're going to find someone else. I'm scared that you're going to get hurt or die. I'm scared that I'm going to get hurt or die. I'm scared that one of my friends is going to get hurt or die. In case you've forgotten, one of my best friends died right before you left. Some of your fans have been hating on me because I'm dating you. I'm under pressure for my sports. Grades. Appearance. It's hard to keep up! I also have to apply to Universities and pray that I'll do well on my finals. I have to figure out what I even want to go to University for! Maybe if you were here, I wouldn't be so-"

"Krista." Mikey cuts me off. "I'm sorry that I chose to pursue my dream..." Michael says sarcastically. "I'm sorry that you're so upset. Believe it or not, though, it's not all my fault!" 

I look down, realizing what I had said. 

"Look, Mikey-" I begin.

"Do you think I'd want somebody else? I..." He pauses. "I love you. Nobody else." 

I look up. "I'm sorry for saying what I said."

"Don't be." Mikey says, but his green eyes look hurt. 

We sit in silence for a few moments, before Michael says, "I really wish we were together right now, instead of using cameras to speak."

I nod and whisper, "Me too." I don't know what to say.

"We have most of April off," Mikey begins, and my heart soars in hope. Maybe he could come home for a while? "But our managers want us to work on song writing and the boys aren't going to go back to Australia, so I don't think I'll be able to see you."

My hope sinks like a stone. All I can manage to say is, "Oh."

A big, burly man walks into the room. Michael turns away from the camera.

"C'mon, we're leaving the venue now." The man says.

"Okay, Dave." Michael responds, and turns back to me.

"I have to go, kitten. I'll call you tomorrow, okay?" He says, and I nod.

"Bye, Mikey." I say, and he hangs up.

My heart seems to ache as I walk the rest of the way home. Once I get there, I take my Mum's keys and drive the car to the neighborhood pharmacy. I buy some hair-dying supplies and head back home.


My hands grasp my guitar as I turn on the camera. Ever since Mikey left, I've been improving my guitar skills. I can now play quite a few songs.

My now brown and purple ombre hair fell to my elbows, wavy, thick, and shiny.

"Hi, everyone." I say towards the camera. "My name's Krista, and yes, I am involved in a relationship with Michael Clifford from the band 5 Seconds of Summer."

"I'm not dating him for fame, if any of you are thinking that. But that's not the reason I'm here." I explain, focusing my eyes on the lens.

"I have decided to make a YouTube Channel because I need to express myself. It's been hard since the boys went on tour, so I thought that maybe, maybe one of you will watch this channel and connect with something I'm saying."

"That being said," I begin. "I'm also doing covers. So, I'm going to cover "Skinny Love" by Birdy."

"Come on skinny love, just last the year

Pour a little salt, we were never here

My, my, my, my-my-my, my-my-my-my

Staring at the sink of blood and crushed veneer,

I tell my love to wreck it all

Cut out all the ropes and let me fall

My, my, my, my-my-my, my-my-my-my-my

Right at the moment this order's tall

And I told you to be patient,

And I told you to be fine,

And I told you to be balanced,

And I told you to be kind,

And in the morning, I'll be with you,

But it will be a different kind,

'Cause I'll be holding all the tickets,

And you'll be owning all the fines."

I continue to sing and play the guitar until I sing the last lyrics and look up to the camera again.

"Thanks for watching!" I say half-heartedly, before reaching to shut off the camera.


 I wake up the next morning, sun shining through my window. My phone keeps on beeping alerts. As I pick it up, Alyssa calls me.

"Did you hear?" Alyssa asks as soon as I answer. Worry rises in my body.

"What? What happened?" I inquire, my voice wavering.

"Well, Mikey... You see, Mikey..."

"What happened? I ask furiously.

 "Michael was seen with a girl, they were leaving a hotel." She pauses. "Magazines are saying that they... that they slept with each other, as you may call it."

A/N: Sorry for jot updating in forever! Please tell me: should I do shorter, more frequent updates, or longer, less frequent ones? Thanks for reading!


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