Nothing After Midnight

Krista Jenkins had an great life. She was great in school, she was great at sports, and she was great at singing. Despite all these accomplishments, she felt that she was just another face in the crowd.

Until she met the one person that would change her life forever.


3. Suspense❔

A/N: Hai everyone! I hope you are all having amazing days!!! So... Here we go... 😸

Krista's POV

It takes all of my control not to look back at Mikey.

When we kissed, if felt like nothing else in the world mattered. I felt whole.

Yet we just met this morning. Of course we have passed each other in the halls, but the reason he never talked to me was because I'm just another person in the world. There are so many others.

I have my friends. I am arguably on the popular side of life. I am kin and polite to everyone, and in return, everyone is kind and polite to me.

People know me as the musical girl. People know me as the sporty girl. People know me as the smart girl.

I have my moments in the spotlight. I have my moments where I feel on top of the world.

But in the end, I'm just another face in the crowd.

Dark clouds gather in the sky, and it begins to pour. So many questions thunder in my head: Why didn't you say yes? Why didn't you stay longer? Why did he never notice you before? Is it because you're boring? Why am I so confused?

Usually, I like the rain, but in this moment I lose it.

I let out a loud sob and I begin running on the streets towards my house. The thick drops of water splatter all over me, soaking my clothes and making me shiver.

When I finally reach my house, I push open the door, drop my backpack, and run upstairs to my room. As I look in my mirror, I can't even tell the tears apart from the rain.

I change into sweatpants and a jumper and I huddle under he covers on my bed, going onto my phone.

I decide to send a text to Michael. I write:

Hey Mikey. I'm sorry that I left. When we kissed, it felt right. But I need to think about it for a while.

Not hesitating, I send the text.

My phone was blowing up with texts from my friends, but I was too distressed to respond.


I spend my evening watching Grey's Anatomy and waiting for a reply from Michael, but he doesn't. At 9:00, I fall asleep with my cat curled by my side.

A/N: Thanks for reading! Sorry about the font, I'll change it next chapter... Lol. Make sure you check out my friend's movella called Let's Be Unpredictable. Her username is Hemmings_13. Thanks, and have an amazing day! 😸

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