Nothing After Midnight

Krista Jenkins had an great life. She was great in school, she was great at sports, and she was great at singing. Despite all these accomplishments, she felt that she was just another face in the crowd.

Until she met the one person that would change her life forever.


2. Hang Out 🏁💕

A/N: Hello! So I am going to continue the school day, even though I don't have any reads really... If you are reading, thanks! ✌🏻️

Krista's POV

"Michael almost kissed you!" Eva sing-songs as I reach my friends.

"No, he did not." I mutter under my breath.

Honestly, I knew he did almost kiss me, and I was embarrassed. People saw us!

Then again, I was on Cloud 9. I still had butterflies in my stomach. He likes me.

"YES, he did! He has a crush on you!" Natalie whisper-shouts. Her long blue hair flips around to hit Ava Johnson, Sofie, Ava Deanto, and Alyssa Parson in their faces. Ava Deanto whips her blonde hair around in retaliation.

"Maybe he does, but it's not like he'll ask me out." I reply timidly. "We should go to homeroom now."

Before anyone can reply, I hurry out of the school lobby where everyone was. As I push through the crowds of people, I look for Michael. I won't admit it to anyone, but I have a crush on him.

Having no luck, I keep on walking all the way to my homeroom, all of my friends saying hello to me as I pass them. There's Shirley, a friend from select choir. Then there's Brigid, from orchestra. Justin from select choir, Sean from band, Aleisha from select choir... The list goes on and on.


The morning flew by, and before I realized, it was time for lunch.

I sit with my main group of friends at a round table. I dig into my salad, not noticing my friends focusing on something behind me. Confused, I whip my head around to face the boy that almost kissed me himself, Michael.

"Hey Krista." He says calmly. Then, he lowers his voice to a whisper and says, "Want to hang out after school at my place?"

His question shocks me. He barely even knows me! I try to think of a polite answer, but before I can reply, Eva joins the conversation.

"She would love to!" Eva answers.

I turn to smile at Michael, nodding. "Yeah, I can come over."

Michael beams. He is so cute when he smiles. He is just like a little kitten.

"Sounds good! Here's my phone number." Michael passes me a small piece of paper with his digits on it. I tuck it into my pocket carefully before clearing my throat.

"I'll meet you by the front entrance after school." I say awkwardly. I must be blushing all over by now.

Michael nods and walks off to where Luke and Calum sit in the other side of the cafeteria. Before any of my friends can say anything, I begin munching on my salad again.

"You have a date!" Alyssa exclaims, her eyes wandering around the room. I nod, too flustered and excited to respond.


I zip up my backpack and secure my lock on my locker. As I walk towards the front of the building, I unlock my phone and text my mom, telling her I was hanging out at a friend's house. My mom trusts and respects me, and vice versa, so she is fine with me making sudden plans.

Realizing that I reached the front doors, I put my phone in my back pocket and straightened my shirt. I take a deep breath and walk outside.

Michael's POV

The wind blows my Green Day shirt around as I wait for Krista. I pat my hair, hoping that it's not very ruffled.

I lift my head and spot Krista walking towards me, her perfect smile and her striking aqua eyes beaming. I smile back.

"Hi Michael." Krista greets me. I take notice that she's rocking on her feet again.

"You can call me Mikey." I begin. "My house isn't too far from here. Follow me!"


For the entire walk, we just joke around and laugh, carefree and happy. Krista tells me about her friends, and how they all are just complete dorks and that they have all been friends since sixth grade. I tell her a bit about Luke, Cal, and Ash, and she says she would love to meet them.

Once we reach my house, I unlock the door. Mum wouldn't be home for a bit.

"Welcome to my humble abode." I pronounce with a fancy voice, which earns me a laugh. We leave our school bags by the door, and I lead her to the living room couch.

I plop down, and Krista does as well.

"So," I begin. "What do you want to do?"

Krista looks outside the window, her beautiful features growing competitive.

"Let's go play football at the park!" Krista exclaims, before grabbing her phone and opening the front door.

"Race you there!" She yells behind her as she sprints towards the community park across the street. I stand up and race after her, locking the door behind me.

I gain on her, reaching her side. As we sprint along, I come up with a great idea.

"If I win," I yell, panting, "You have to kiss me!"

Krista blushes a bit.

"In your dreams!" She yells, before looking both ways and crossing the street. I follow her, sprinting harder than before, and I pass her right as we reach the soft grass of the football field.

"Ha! I win!" I shout in triumph. Krista smiles and looks at her feet.

I grin. "You have to kiss me, you kn-"

But before I can finish, Krista grabs my face in her hands and her lips are upon mine. Surprised, I kiss her back. After a perfect moment, Krista steps away, her eyes locking with mine.

"I like you." She utters in a nearly inaudible tone.

"I like you too." I reply, grinning wide. "Krista Jenkins... Will you be my girlfriend?"

Krista looks taken aback.

Crap. What was I thinking? I just met her this morning, and I'm asking her to be my girlfriend?

But we just kissed. Like, full on kissed. So then I can't be just a friend to her!

Krista's eyes wander to her converse.

"Michael, it's not that I don't want to date you... It's just that we met today, and it's kind of sudden."

I look down at my feet. "I'm sorry." I whisper.

Krista frowns. "It's okay... Just let me think about it, alright?" She pauses. "I'm going to go now."

In horrible silence, we walk back to my house, where she grabs her backpack, kisses my cheek, and leaves without saying a word.

Yep, I screwed up big time.

A/N: Hello! Thanks for reading this chapter! I am going to update soon, hopefully one or two more updates today! Have s great day!

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