Nothing After Midnight

Krista Jenkins had an great life. She was great in school, she was great at sports, and she was great at singing. Despite all these accomplishments, she felt that she was just another face in the crowd.

Until she met the one person that would change her life forever.


10. Christmas Day ⚜

A/N: Hello everyone! How are you? This is going to be about CHRISTMAS!!! :3 So buckle up and get ready!

Krista's POV

I blink a few times to clear the blur from my eyes. I look at my calendar, realizing that it was Christmas Day.

"I completely forgot." I muter to myself, before yawning.

I decide to change into my Cat Onesie, before heading out of my room and walking down the stairs to where my Mom sat by the Christmas Tree.

"MERRY CHRISTMAS HONEY!" My mom exclaims, before indicating for me me to sit beside her. I smile at her, excited.

"Okay, well here's the first present I got you." My mom hands me a medium sized package wrapped in shiny metallic wrapping paper.

I immediately untie the bow and tear the wrapping carefully, uncovering the present inside. I gasp, surprised.

There sat a beautiful acoustic guitar, with a dark fret board, a crystal-like ring around the hole, and a light brown body, along with a light blue Fujifilm Polaroid camera and a normal Fujifilm camera. My grin grows.

"Thank you so much Mom!" I squeal.

The rest of the presents were not as major, but they were still great. I got a bunch of books I had wanted, some candy, of course, and some band posters.

"Well, how do you like it all?" Mom asks, her eyes alive with joy.

I immediately respond, "I love everything. Thank you so much!"

Then my mom smirks. "There's one more."

She reaches behind her and pushes forward a large box. Clueless on what it was, I open it.

My breath catches in my throat.

It was a scrapbook, and on the front there was a picture of Sofie, Eva, Ava Deanto, Natalie, Ava Menor, Alyssa, and I.

There were dozens of pictures of all of us, like at Drenner Park, after we had our performance at the High Note Music Festival, and the time our Secondary School faced another, and even A picture from caroling in the halls from two days ago.

Every single picture that we have ever taken with Sofie was in there. So many sweet, sweet memories were held in the pages.

I lean forward and hug my mom, tears pooling in my eyes.

I try to explain to her how much this means to me, but I can only utter, "I miss her." My mom nods sympathetically, smiling back at me.

After the gift giving, I bring many all of my things up to my room. I grab the guitar and look down at it.

I text Michael a picture of it. He immediately replies:

I'm coming over to teach you.

I giggle at his response.

About ten minutes later, Michael barges into my room, wearing a jumper that showed a cat with a Santa hat on. He makes his way over to me, fiddling with his pocket. I raise a single eyebrow. "What are you up to, Mikey?" I ask. He responds by pulling a sprig of mistletoe out of his black skinny jeans and holding it above my head. Michael leans down and kisses me passionately. I don't know how long it lasts, but I lost track of time.

After we pull away, I smirk. "Hello to you too."

We sit down together on my bed, and Michael takes the guitar in his hands.

"This is a nice guitar." He comments quietly. Mikey strums it a few times, figuring it out, completely in his element.

Suddenly, he pulls me onto his lap and takes my hands in his, placing them over the guitars strings. His breath was warm on the back of my neck.

"There are many different notes, and your hands have to move a lot." Mikey explains, and the teaching begins.

Michael shows me the different notes I could play and how to strum and all, and even though I was rubbish at the beginning, after an hour or so I grasped the basics.

Before Michael had to leave, we sat on my bed together, his eyes bright but looking concerned.

"Mikey, what is it?" I ask. He sighs.

"Well, do you know One Direction?"

I nod.

"Well, they want to take us on tour with them."

I immediately jump forward to wrap my arms around him. "Mikey, that's amazing!" I exclaim.

Michael smiles weakly. "We leave tomorrow."

My grin disappears. "Tomorrow?" I whisper, in shock.

"Yeah." Mikey answers. "Alyssa is coming with us. She wanted to stay with Cal." He pauses. "Do you want to come?"

I feel torn. "Of course I want to go, but I need to finish my education, go to University..."

Be here for Eva, I think.

Michael's eyes fall. "Oh... Okay." He whispers.

"Mikey, it's not that I don't have a strong enough bond with you to go. I want to go with you, being away from you will be hell. I..." My heart yearns for me to tell him that I love him, but my head tells me not to. We've only officially been dating for a week, but yet I know that I love him.

Michael nods, like he understands. Only I know that he doesn't. He's hurt.

"Maybe I could come to tour with you guys once school is over for the year." I add. Mikey looks up, his eyes broken. I scoot forward and lean my head against his shoulder.

"We can facetime each other every day... Who cares about time zones?" I add, and for a while we go over all we can do to stay together.

Once it's time for Mikey to go home to pack, I stand up and we kiss for a long time. I ignore the tears welling in my eyes.

"I'll see you tomorrow." I tell him. He smiles back, his Santa Cat jumper making him look adorable.

"I'll see you tomorrow."

A/N: Hello! Thanks for reading! I hope you all have a great day, and thank you for all of the reads... Next chapter will hopefully be up soon! Thanks!

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