Nothing After Midnight

Krista Jenkins had an great life. She was great in school, she was great at sports, and she was great at singing. Despite all these accomplishments, she felt that she was just another face in the crowd.

Until she met the one person that would change her life forever.


11. Airplanes ✈️💔

A/N: Hi everyone! How are you all? I hope you're not all mad at me... 🤗 Anyway, here's the next chapter! BTW I'm listening to emo 5SOS songs like Invisible and Broken Home and I have that weird feeling in my stomach like agh.

Krista's POV

I wake up very early and change into black skinny jeans and a Hogwarts hoodie. I grab my phone and my Mom's car keys. She said she was too tired to drive me.

I drive to the Airport in Sydney, which only took me about an hour and a half. The entire way, I kept telling myself that everything would work out. Mikey and I will still be together. It will all be fine.

But the uncertainties also tug at my thoughts, like what if Mikey finds someone else, or what if he gets hurt or ends up like...


I shudder and park the car in the garage. When I get out, a burly looking security man approaches me.

"ID." He grumbles, and I hand him my Driver's License. He examined it before handing it back to me.

"I'm here with 5 Seconds of Summer..." I begin, but he cuts me off rudely.

"You're on the list, I know. Follow me." The man snaps, and I hesitantly go along.

He takes me to the Security Area, where I had to stop. Mikey, Ashton, Luke, Calum and Alyssa were all sets ding their with their luggage. I decide to say goodbye to Alyssa first.

She approaches me carefully, like she was afraid that I would be mad at her. I just smile and pull her into a hug.

"HAVE FUN!" I shout into her ear, and she flinches away, laughing. I have a memory from Seventh Grade when I used to scare her a lot. Now we're great friends. And she was leaving.

Next up was Calum. I hug him awkwardly, and as I do, I whisper words into his ears.

"Take care of Alyssa. Make sure she's okay, no matter what. I don't care if you get on stage late, make sure she's okay at every moment you can."

Calum just nods in understanding.

I hug Ash next, whose hair was curly today. He giggles, and I can hear Mikey grunt.

Luke stands next in line, a beanie on. He was trying to be happy for all of the fans gathered, but I knew that he wasn't.

"Take care of yourself. Sofie..." I struggle to continue. "She would've wanted that."

Now was the hardest part of all.

Mikey walks up to me and wraps his arms around me, resting his head on mine. I'm very tall, but he's taller... He kisses me there, and feel tears gathering in my eyes. We step apart, but not for very long, for he kisses me intensely for a few minutes. I hold onto him, not wanting him to go.

It was time for them to leave soon, so I tackle hug him, crying.

"Mikey, you take care of yourself. Have an amazing time, and I'll see you soon enough." I utter, my voice full of sadness. He nods, before replying,

"I'm going to miss you so damn much. I... I'll see you soon. And call me whenever you feel like it, I don't care if I'm in the middle of performing, I will call you back as soon as I'm out of the audiences' view. Just... I'll see you soon."

The security guards tap him on the shoulder, and he backs away. His ruffled blonde hair looks perfect in this moment, his green eyes beautiful. I smile and wave as they start rolling their bags away, Mikey going last. He waves back, before he rounds a corner




I lift my hands to my face, my insides feeling all knotted up. I sprint off the way I came, my tears flowing freely from my eyes. Are they tears of just sadness, or am I happy for them at all?

I hop into my mom's car, ready for the depressing drive home. I turn on some of their band's music, feeling empty.

I pull out of the garage, noticing a plane lifting. It was their plane.

I groan and sniffle before driving off towards my house.


At home, my mom tried to comfort me with some pizza, but refuse. I just wanted to be all sad on my room.

I go through my Twitter, seeing a bunch of Update Accounts for 5SOS tweeting pictures of me saying goodbye to Mikey. The caption read: Michael's rumored girlfriend saying goodbye at the airport. Offended at the invasion of my privacy, I reply:

Yes, me and @Michael5SOS are dating. I feel like if I wanted to post a picture of us saying goodbye, I would have.

Afterwards, Eva texts me, asking about the airport. I tell her that I was fine, but I obviously wasn't.

You've only been dating him for a week. I think to myself, yet still it felt like we have been together for way longer.

I spend the rest of the day sulking until a Mikey texted me:


I smile, replying with:

Can we FaceTime now?

He immediately responds:

Of course, kitten.

And as I see his excited face, along with the other boys', and Alyssa's, I can't help but feel just as excited for them, as hard as it was for me to be away from them all.

A/N: I know it was short but I needed to update. I hope you all enjoyed it! Thanks for reading, and have a great day!

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