The Boys Next Door

You can run from your past...but you can't always hide.


7. When Danger Finds You Home

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The next few weeks passed uneventfully. Harry and Louis stayed with the girls each night…woke each morning and joined Niall and Liam working across the fence on the house next door. Eat, shower, sleep, repeat. 
Ivy ate little and slept even less. The stress was showing on her face. Dark circles rested beneath her eyes and her nerves were on edge. Lily jumped at each unexpected noise even in the day. 
Friday afternoon the guys knocked off work early. The screen door screeched loudly as Louis,wearing his trademark wife beater and tossled sweaty hair in his eyes,pulled it open to stride into the kitchen. Lily,who was doing dishes promptly started at the noise and the large platter she was washing, slipped out of her sudsy hands and shattered on the hardwood floor.
“Shit!! ” she exclaimed. Scrunching up her nose, her way of conveying that she wanted to say more but decided she better not.
“Don’t fret luv. ” Louis said grabbing the broom as the door opened again and Harry slipped in. 
“Whadja do? ” he asked Louis looking at the floor,but not breaking stride.
“What makes you think it was me?” Louis asked sweeping the glass shards into a neat pile.
“You’re in the room. ” Harry grinned over his shoulder as he continued through the kitchen toward the living room.
“Oh… Nice mate! That was really quite nice… Thank you! ” Louis shouted as Harry disappeared into the living room. Louis scooped the broken platter into the dustpan and tossed it into the garbage near the back door. Lily promptly draped her sudsy hands over his shoulders and proceeded to kiss him long and hard. 
Ivy sat on the large old sofa, absently tracing the faded rose pattern on the arm. She looked up and smiled when Harry sat down beside her. Returning the smile, he scooched in close and draped his arm over her shoulders. 
“It’s Friday night… You know what that means. ” he smiled. 
“That you’re off work and still have time to get away from me safely? ”
Harry sighed heavily. “No… It’s Chinese tonight. It’s your favorite night of the week! Don’t tell me you forgot! ” he was trying so hard and she couldn’t stand seeing him fail… So she smiled tiredly…“ Yeah.. I forgot…good thing you’re here to remind me.”
“You write down what everyone wants and Liam and Niall said they’d go pick it up.. Louis and Lily are going to get some movies… And I’m gonna take a quick shower… Unless you wanna come with, then I’ll take a long shower.” Harry, smiling, pulled back to see her reaction. It was as he’d hoped… “Start writing. ” he said rising quickly and placing a warm soft kiss on her lips. “I’ll meet you in the bathroom.”
Ten minutes later, after much confusion and a lot of changing of minds, the list was done and the others were on their way. Ivy walked quietly through the living room and into the bathroom at the side of the house. She could hear Harry on the other side of the door. Opening it slowly she watched for a few seconds before he noticed. It gave her time to take in his long lean body… Bronzed from the waist up from working shirtless in the sun. The lower half was a few shades lighter because he wore jeans, but very muscled and very sexy. His happy trail led to a well manscaped crotch that she loved. She never tired of looking at it. She also never tired of the feel of it, and she swore you could bounce quarters off his bum. He must have realized he was no longer alone because he turned and faced her and she let out a long slow breath seeing him before her. She still, after these past weeks, still couldn’t reach a decision on the most beautiful part of this man. She decided to stop trying and came into the bathroom closing and locking the door behind her. Harry was already undressed. Ivy stared at him for a long moment, then he began to undo her jeans. He then slipped her tank top over her head pausing to brush back the hair that fell over her eyes. Leaning forward, he kissed her lips softly as he pushed her jeans down. When they’d hit the floor she stepped clear of them and followed Harry into the shower. The temperature of the water was perfect. He pulled the curtain, closing them into the confines of the bathtub and effectively shutting out the rest of the world. Terri stood with her face to the shower. Harry, facing the same direction, stood behind her. Gently he turned her to face him. He reached around and took the shampoo from the corner shelf. Tipping her head back with one large hand, he wet her hair under the steady stream, then began to lather her long dark hair. Terri felt the tension ease out of her as he steadied her with his hand on the back of her neck. Tenderly he tilted her head back to rinse the fragrant lather from her hair. Next he lathered a bath sponge with his favorite of her body washes, jasmine, and proceeded to wash her. He touched each inch of her as if he were discovering her for the first time. He worshiped her breasts as slowly he washed them,tracing her nipples with his calloused thumbs. They sprang to life beneath his touch. Kneeling, his beautiful hair hanging in long wet tendrils down his back and in his face, he began to wash her pussy. He dropped the sponge and used his fingers to part her. Gently he placed a soft kiss there before continuing on with washing. When he’d finished, he stood, turning her to face away from him. Silently he washed her back, her bottom, then her legs. She stood with her eyes closed just living in this moment. Ivy let out a soft moan as Harry pulled her back to his chest, and she felt his erection on her butt. She let her head fall back onto his broad shoulder. Twisting her head to the left, she found his lips. Her fingers found their way into his hair and she held him close. Finally she turned into him and his slick muscled body enveloped hers as she clung to him. Her hand reached between them for his cock and she wrapped her fingers around it. Lifting her left leg, she draped it over his hip. He slipped smoothly inside her as he grasped her other leg and lifted her. Kissing him almost frantically, her fingers raked through his hair over and over. And he began moving inside her. Skin slapping wet skin, tangled hair and hot burning kisses. The feel of the shower… The scent of jasmine and sex. It seemed to last forever… It seemed it was over too soon. Ivy felt wonderful, worried, in love, safe and afraid all at the same time.
Together they stepped out of the shower and Harry wrapped her in a large green bath towel. Smiling, he scooped her into his capable arms and carried her upstairs to the bedroom. Depositing her onto the bed, he walked naked back downstairs to the bathroom for another towel. He came back with the towel wrapped around his head… Still very naked. 
“You better get some clothes on.” Ivy  stated, smiling appreciatively. “The others will be back soon.”
“ It’s all good.” Harry laughed still not moving to dry off or dress. 
“Will it still be all good when Lily walks in and sees you butt naked? “ Ivy smiled. 
“Good point!” Harry said and made a dash for the tub in the corner where he’d been keeping his things. 
Rolling onto her side, Ivy asked offhandedly, “How is that I’m feeling like shit…then I have sex with you and suddenly things aren’t quite so awful?”
“I have a knack.” Harry grinned sitting down next to her on the bed to pull on his socks and jeans. 
“Mmmm…a knack is it? I see. ” she sighed. 
“Yeah… A knack.” Harry confirmed, pulling a clean white T-shirt over his still wet hair. He shook his head like a wet dog, flinging water droplets everywhere. Splotches of wet where his missed with the towel quickly formed on the material around his neck and shoulders. Ivy lay and watched him finish dressing before padding across the room to her closet. Debating for just a minute she took out jeans with a hole in the knee on the right leg, and an old T-shirt with Stymie from the Little Rascals on the front. Without bothering with panties, she squirmed into the jeans. Standing with her back to Harry, she grabbed a bra from a hanger just inside the closet door and quickly snapped the hooks. Pulling it into place, she shrugged into the T shirt and turned to see Harry sitting on the bed staring at her. A smile on his lips full and gorgeous. 
“What are you smiling about? ” she asked suspiciously. 
“ You.” Harry said simply, coming to her and enfolding her against his chest. “Just smiling at you."

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