The Boys Next Door

You can run from your past...but you can't always hide.


4. REALLY Getting to Know You...part 2

<p>#fan fiction  # One Direction  #mature #smut #Harry Styles  #Louis Tomlinson  <p>

 Ivy couldn’t remember how it happened. One minute they were in the porch swing… kissing, touching then the next instant Harry had her in his arms and headed into the house. He never missed a step as he continued showering her with kisses and his hand on her back filled her with heat. 
“Where’s the bedroom? “he asked as he kicked the door shut gently.
Ivy pointed in a vague direction to the left of the living room. She couldn’t find it in her to take her mouth from his to answer. Every fiber of her being wanted him… Even though he was much younger than she was. He was so handsome and gentle, unlike him… The him she did not want to ever think of again. Most assuredly not now. 
 Taking the stairs quickly Harry chose the bedroom on the left at the top of the stairs. Walking into the bedroom he stopped abruptly. 
"Where’s your bed? ” he asked, looking down at her in surprise.
Pulling his face back to hers, she panted, “Who needs a bed? You can’t stop or I’ll lose my courage.” Wriggling in his arms, she slid down his chest and stood pressed against him. “Don’t stop. ”
He did not. Carefully, as if she were made of the finest crystal, he laid her onto the floor. 
“I don’t even have a pillow or blanket.” he apologized, looking down at her. 
“And I don’t even care. ” she replied, looking up at this young god. 
Smiling, he removed his shirt and placed it gently beneath her head. “It’s all I have.”
“No… It isn’t. ” she whispered, pulling him to her. 
As he sat atop her waist on his knees,Ivy made quick work of the button holding his jeans closed. When she had them unbuttoned, he stood and slipped them down from his lean hips, exposing the fact that he was without a doubt the most beautiful thing she’d ever seen. He was completely naked under the jeans and he lay down atop her on the floor. She smiled and let her hand glide over his rock hard bottom. She tasted his lips again and his tongue flicked across her lips and danced in time with her tongue. His long wavy brown hair fell across his face and draped over Ivy's cheeks. Breathing in his scent she groaned. 
“Am I too heavy? Am I squashing you?” he asked, pulling back to look at her face. 
“No.” she answered, shaking her head… “but don’t look at me.”
“What? Why?”
“Please… Just don’t.”
“OK..” he said, looking up and out the window at the night sky. “How’s that? ” he asked only half joking. 
“That’s great. ” she answered, smiling. Before he could say another word, Ivy slipped her hand between them and closed it around his well endowed shaft. It was hot in her hand and pulsed with it’s own heartbeat. He was smooth and hard and slick and it felt like she was dying as she guided him to her warmest part… Home where he belonged. He was so hard and she was so wet…they were made for each other…if only for this time, this once. But somewhere inside she hoped, prayed that it wouldn’t be just this once… She wanted more. She needed… She gasped as he slid inside her, like fingers in a glove, filling her. She heard him groan and she smiled. Wrapping her legs around his hips she felt him begin to rock against her and she sucked her bottom lip between her teeth and moved with him, holding onto his biceps as he braced himself above her. 
A long time later they lay beside each other on the bare floor. Harry had found a blanket in a box labelled “bedclothes” and covered them with it. It smelled of lavender and vanilla. He liked it and as she lay with her head in the hollow of his shoulder he said so. Ivy was snuggled deep in the curve of Harry’s arm. Her leg was drawn up across his groin, her knee touching his warm but now soft penis. She breathed deeply, taking his scent into her lungs. She felt so alive and so alone. How was that possible? The most beautiful man she’d ever met had just made the most amazing love to her and he lay sleeping next to her… And she felt alone. The logical part of her pressed her with one single thought… “This can’t last… It isn’t safe. ” But the needy ‘I want to fall in love’ part wanted to stay right here forever.

She lay so still, almost afraid to breath. She felt the strong steady beat of his heart under her hand where it rested on his smooth chest. She didn’t know how long she laid there before she heard the front door rattle as it was unlocked. She knew it was Lily, but it didn’t stop her from starting where she lay. It caused Harry to open his eyes and look at her sleepily. 
“What’s wrong, Luv? ” he asked turning on his side and pulling her against him. He buried his face in her hair and breathed deeply and sighed contentedly. 
“Everything’s fine, baby. ” she lied. “Go back to sleep. ” she whispered, stroking his cheek and kissing him softly on the mouth. He sighed deeply and pulled her closer. She could feel the stirring of his penis on her stomach and smiled. “ I still got it. ” she laughed inside as Harry growled against her neck.
“No way buster… Lily is home… Go to sleep. ” she admonished. Heaving a sigh Harry wrapped her snuggly in his bare arms and pulled the blanket up over their heads.

When Lily twisted the key in the front door she tried unsuccessfully to not make a sound. She knew how easily Ivy woke. And tonight she did not want to wake her, not knowing that her aunt had not yet been asleep. Quietly she led Louis into the room across the hall occupied by Ivy and softly closed the door. 
“I don’t have my bed set up yet… ”  Lily let the sentence hang. 
Louis looked around the room. It was large and bright. Two windows let in light from the outside light and the side street light. Nothing adorned the walls yet. Neither were there curtains at the windows. Lily's large king-size mattress however was leaning against the wall. Louis walked over and casually pulled it over, flopping it loudly to the floor. Both doubled over in stifled laughter. She put her finger to her lips. “Sshhhh!” she shushed him. 
“I’m sorry.. I really didn’t think it would be that loud, luv.” he apologized falling onto the mattress and pulling her down atop him. 
“It’s OK… ” she giggled softly. It’s just Ivy doesn’t sleep soundly since… “ she stopped abruptly… "she doesn’t sleep soundly.”
“I see… ” Louis smiled, running his tongue around her ear.. “she doesn’t sleep soundly since she doesn’t sleep soundly. ”
“Not what I meant. ” Lily said much more seriously than she intended. 
Louis stopped and looked at her hard. “I’m sorry luv, I didn’t mean an'thin’ by it. ”
She winked and smiled, lightening the moment. “Not to worry… Let’s get back to business. ” she pulled his lips to hers as she pulled his shirt from his jeans. 

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