The Boys Next Door

You can run from your past...but you can't always hide.


2. Chapter2 Getting to Know You

A couple of weeks had passed...the guysnext door hammering and sawing...Lily and Ivy cleaning and moving in.Each day they chatted with the men...just for a minute or two.Ivy had no idea how things had gotten so out of hand so quickly. Before she knew what was happening wife beater guy (who’s name turned out to be Louis) had invited Lily out for the evening! And that was great… But then Olympus hair guy ( who’s name was Harry… Ha!) had suggested they make it a double and Ivy should go out with him…WHOA!! Not great…Yeah this guy was gorgeous and sexy and very very sweet… But oh so much younger. She couldn’t say no and not sound like an old fart so she’d agreed against her better judgement and took a shower to get ready. As she soaped the bath sponge, the fragrance of jasmine and honeysuckle swirled around her and the hot water washed over her like warm silky rain. Remembering Harry’s hair,she let her hand slowly slide down her stomach. As she remembered his eyes, the beautiful hazely green framed with long soft lashes, she let her hand slip between her legs at their apex, inhaling deeply she slipped two fingers into the soft mound there. For a moment she slowly rocked her hips against her hand picturing Harry naked and wet in the shower with her. She imagined what his lips would taste like, licked her own and pushed harder. She thought of how he smelled earlier. Sweat and sunshine and just a hint of cologne. Her hand sped up and she rocked harder still, reaching with her left hand to the wall to steady herself she raised her right foot to rest on the lip of the tub. She was very near release when suddenly her breathing hiccupped and her eyes flew open. What was she thinking?! “He’s less than half your age!” she scolded herself silently. “I can’t do this!” She said stopping and quickly scrubbing herself clean. Rinsing thoroughly she wrapped herself in a towel and wiped the steam from the mirror over the sink. For several long moments she stood staring at her reflection. Finally she shook her head and spoke softly. “No.. Just… No. ” She dried off, scrubbing herself roughly. Her skin still pink, she wrapped the towel around her and padded barefoot into what was to be her bedroom. The day before, the moving men had deposited boxes clearly labeled into their respective rooms. Now she dug through them looking for something to wear to bed. She found a white shirt that had become her favorite over the past few years. One she thought was gone. Smiling, happy that she had indeed not lost it, she blew out a long breath and slipped it on. Buttoning it as she walked downstairs  into the living room. 
Calling Harry she got his machine and left a message explaining why she couldn’t go. As it turned out the other two angels Liam and Niall had visitors coming into town… Niall’s mom was stopping by before going back to Ireland and Liam’s girlfriend was in town for a few days. So Lily was out with Louis alone and Ivy could have been out with a hot guy too… But she was afraid so she was home… Alone. Walking barefoot across the living room floor she smiled at the feeling of the smooth cool wood on her toes. In the kitchen she trailed her hand along the faucet and gazed out the window at the empty roof next door. “Right now I could be… ” she stopped and let the thought slip away. Turning she dug through the boxes on the floor till she found what she was looking for… A glass and a bottle… Wineglass and red wine..porch swing and evening breeze… Crickets and the moon… And no one to share it with.
“And who’s fault is that? “she asked out loud as she settled into the swing. Sipping the warm red wine she rocked slowly, pushing with her foot on the rail. For awhile she sat quietly and revelled in the almost perfect evening. Crickets chirped noisily and the smell of night blooming jasmine drifted to her. It was so warm! So serene. So… Alone. Then she felt a shift in the air around her and a scent teased her as she realized she was no longer alone. With out looking around she knew unmistakably who was there. 
“Are you coming up or are you gonna lurk in the shadows at the bottom of my steps? ”
“I’m not much of a lurker."Harry said easing into the swing next to her. 
He smelled better than she could have imagined… And she hoped he couldn’t tell how he excited her. She literally felt herself vibrating with tension. It was like being a virgin all over again, and that was a feeling she most certainly did not want with this guy! For a long moment he said nothing, didn’t even turn to look at her. Then quietly he said, ” Why aren’t you ready? You weren’t going to stand me up were you? “
"I called you… ”
“ I wasn’t home. So you stood up my machine? ” he sighed. 
“I just think maybe… "She began. 
"Well don’t! ” Harry said quietly turning to look directly at her. His face was in shadow but the moon was just right to cast a pale halo around his beautiful hair. “Don’t think so much.” he slid closer and cupped the nape of her neck in his large warm hand. This time she didn’t think, she didn’t resist ,she didn’t want to. Before another heartbeat passed between them, his full soft lips were pressing hers and her lips were parting. She felt his breath against her skin and his hands caressed her back. Her hands buried themselves on their own in his hair and it was like satin. It was like heaven… It was like sex. 
“Stop! ” she mumbled against his warm mouth. Trying half heartedly to push against his very nice chest. 
He stopped instantly. Pulling back he looked straight into her eyes…
 “Stop thinking. ” he whispered as his lips brushed lightly against hers. The last of her resistance melted away with logical thought and she closed her eyes and let him sweep her away.


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