The Boys Next Door

You can run from your past...but you can't always hide.


3. Chapter 3 REALLY Getting to Know You

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When Louis came to the door that evening, Lily’s heart nearly stopped from the sheer beauty of the man. She had quite honestly never seen anyone like him before. He was so chiseled she could have sworn he was sculpted by the hand of God. Cause ONLY God could make someone that perfect. He’d smiled when he saw her staring.
“Well luv, where d'you wanna go? ” he’d asked, taking her hand in his as they walked down the sidewalk toward his car… Well actually it was the company truck. But Lily didn’t mind… He could have showed up on a unicycle and she wouldn’t have cared less. 
“Whatever you decide… ” she smiled. “I’m leaving that to you. Entertain me. ”
“I plan on that. ” he grinned. Opening the passenger side door he took her hand and helped her in, shutting the door firmly before walking around the front to the driver side.
“I’m honestly not very familiar with the town… So maybe you can help me out a bit?” he smiled a crooked smile as he glanced at her, twisting the ignition key. 
“Well, ” she said, thinking for only a second. “You worked all day… Why don’t we just grab something to eat and head down to the river. I saw  a spot where I don't think anyone will bother us. We can relax and get to know each other… I know how cliche that sounds but that’s not how I meant it, if you’d rather do something else that’s OK too, I’m open for whatever, we can…”
“Easy luv, take it easy…sustenance first, then off to the river.. Just don’t ask me to fish for food, I’m afraid we’d starve if I had to do that!” he laughed as he turned to look out the window and backed out the drive.
As they rode down the quiet street, she focused on the last rays of the sun streaking through the trees as they passed, children playing in their yards… Her shoes, how she wished she worn a different shirt, did she have on too much perfume? Oh Lord she hadn’t been on a date in a while… Not since she and… Oh no, not going there. He’s not ruining this night! Lily thought ,quickly pushing the thought away. 
Thankfully it was a short drive to the small grocery store where Louis went to get the “sustenance .” Lily waited in the truck as he instructed. As she waited she fiddled with her hair and checked and rechecked her makeup, her teeth, her breath… Anything to occupy herself and alleviate her nerves which were a wreck. She squealed when Louis opened the driver’s door and slid in next to her. 
“Lord girl! I’m not a car jacker! ”
“Sorry… You startled me!” Lily smiled. 
“No worries.” he grinned,backing the truck out of the parking space. Cruising past the front of the store he eased up to the stop sign and asked, “Left or right? ” to which she replied, “Right… ” while she sat admiring his profile.
Following her directions, Louis  soon eased off the road and followed a path that led to a huge low hanging tree at the river's edge. Killing the engine he turned and looked directly at her. 
“What a lovely spot. ” he smiled and reached out to tweak her nose. 
Lily turned thirty shades of red and felt her insides flutter. Suddenly she shook herself mentally… “Oh my God! Get a grip! ” she scolded herself silently. Wordlessly she slipped out of the truck. 
Louis reached into the bed of the truck and grabbed three paper bags with the store logo on them. Doing a little bounce he continued around the front of the truck. With his hands full, he extended his elbow and Lily took his arm. He was wearing a black dress shirt over a black muscle shirt, open halfway down his sun bronzed chest. The “It Is What It Is” tattoo crossing his upper chest just below those delicious collarbones was only partly visible now, and Lily hoped she’d get a chance to see the full view again tonight. She could feel heat through his sleeve where her hand rested and for some reason her mind went to how warm other parts probably were. He pulled her thoughts back to the present when he uttered a short “Oh shit! ”
“What’s wrong? ” she asked.
“We haven't got anything to sit on.” he said scrunching up his handsome face in apology. 
Lily shrugged unconcerned. “I’m from the country… We can just sit on the ground.” So… Sit on the ground they did. 
Louis stared at her for a moment with the tiniest hint of a smile. 
Finally she couldn’t stand it any longer. " Stop! You're making me feel weird. Why are you looking at me like that? Do I have something in my nose? ” 
“You ramble on when you’re nervous… Why d'I make you nervous?” Louis asked as he began to unpack the bags. Lily smiled and shrugged. 
“I’m not… nervous.” she said shaking her head. 
“Good! Don’t want ya nervous for later.”
He saw her head come up and her eyes widened. 
He continued to unpack. On the ground between them he laid a wedge of yellow cheese, a loaf of crusty French bread and a bottle of wine. From another bag he removed Dixie cups and a citronella candle used for camping.
“Candle light.” he smiled as he lit the candle using his cigarette lighter, and before she knew what was happening.. He leaned in and kissed her… Full lips, mouth open, tongue kiss. He was on his knees in front of her, and bending slightly, put his forehead to hers.
“You good,luv?” he asked, pushing her back onto the ground. 
Lily didn’t trust her voice to speak so she just nodded. 
He was straddling her and leaning over with both elbows resting on either side of her head. He stared at her a moment more then grinned and said… “We really should eat.”
and rolled off her and went back to emptying the bags.
Her heart was racing. What a kiss! She wanted to tell him ‘Do it again.“ but she just couldn’t so instead she reached for the cheese and broke off a piece. Then she pulled a piece off the bread. Louis filled two plastic wine glasses and handed one to her and she drained the contents in one long drink. A tiny cough and a slow exhale and Louis staring again. 
“Lily… I’ll have you know I paid good money for that. ” Then a grin split his handsome features as he refilled her glass. 
“Expensive huh?” she  asked, sipping this glass. 
“Oh… Yeah. ” he joked, “I paid like twelve dollars for this… Oh I almost forgot!” he said, getting to his feet. Slipping off his button up shirt, he shook it out and headed for the truck. Lily sat watching him. Admiring his slender hips and the muscles in his back and shoulders when he reached into the bed of the truck and retrieved yet another bag. As he walked toward her,she admired the way his tight jeans cradled the hidden promise between his legs. A promise she hoped would not remain hidden much longer. Standing before her, the sun going down behind him, he crouched in front of her and pulled the plastic grocery bag from behind his back. 
“These are for you.” he said as he reached into the bag and withdrew a small bouquet of flowers. Several petals fluttered to the ground,a few of the flowers were broken and the leaves had begun to droop, but she had never seen a more precious sight.
“Well now… That certainly didn’t turn out like I’d planned.” he said, pursing his lips and raising his eyebrows comically. 
“These looked much better in the store. I’m sorry.” he sighed softly. 
“No, ” Lily smiled. “they’re beautiful… honest” still smiling she took the flowers and placed her face in the petals that remained, inhaling the sweet perfume. Raising her face she looked directly into his clear blue eyes. 
How it happened she couldn’t say but one minute she was holding the flowers and the next she was on her back and Louis was on top of her, his arms around her and his mouth was covering hers. The flowers were scattered over and around them. Long lingering kisses trailed fiery paths down her throat and onto her shoulder. She found herself gasping, her fingers slipping under his shirt and pushing it over his head. His unruly hair was tossled even more and this excited her beyond words for some reason. His smell was incredible and she buried her face in the crook of his neck. She nipped at his throat and shoulders. His fingers slid down her tummy and found the button of her jeans. He made quick work of that and pushed the tight denim over her rounded hips. Lily squirmed beneath him and raised her bottom to aid in his endeavor…
“Hurry! ” she begged against his lips. Her breath was warm and sweet, smelling of wine. 
“Sorry, luv… That’s one thing I won’t do tonight. I plan on making this last as long as I possibly can. ” Then kisses so hot they caused her skin to tingle, were being pressed to her breasts and trailing down her stomach… And continued further. Pulling her panties off, he tucked them into his jeans pocket, pressing kisses where they had been seconds earlier. Lily gasped and gripped his hair as she felt his tongue tease her, and then as he began to suckle softly her world began to sparkle, then expand and explode.

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