The Boys Next Door

You can run from your past...but you can't always hide.


1. Chapter 1 Moving In

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This is gonna be a trip.“ Ivy sighed as she stood looking up at the tiny dilapidated two story house she and her niece Lily had just closed the deal on. It wasn’t the worst house they’d lived in but it wasn't  the nicest either. 
“I’m sure it’s not as bad as it looks." Lily smiled and reached down for one of the buckets carrying cleaning supplies. Ivy smiled back sarcastically and grabbed the other  bucket, following Lily up the steps and into the house.
“Somethin’ smells dead.” the younger of the two women said dragging her long auburn hair away from her face as they trudged across the porch. 
“It’s the smell of my hopes and dreams… They are so dead.” Ivy answered. To which Lily threw a sponge at her head. 
“We are gonna be fine here, just like always. Think of it…like when we were growing up… You can tell me What Ifs again.” Lily grinned.
“What If we get dead in here and no one cares enough to come look for us? How’s THAT for a What If? ” Ivy sniped.
“Stop being morbid… What If we found a naked guy in here?! Lily joked, wiggling her eyebrows suggestively.
“He would most likely be homeless and lice ridden…and mummified… and a serial killer… ”
“Well aren’t you a big ball of sunshine. I thought being a pessimist was my job.” Lily scoffed.
“I wish talking me out of this was your job.” Ivy sighed again as she sat down on the dusty wood floor. Her straight dark hair was wadded carelessly into a knot high on her head and already stray wisps were tickling her face. She began emptying the contents of the bucket… “What do you wanna start with? ” she asked rubbing at her cheeks. 

After about three hours of cleaning the two had the kitchen in order. Every surface had been washed, disinfected,

 scrubbed and/or polished. Painting would have to wait… No money in the budget for that at the moment. But the

 warm yellow on the walls was in good shape and something both women liked so it was something they could

 live with. And they wouldn’t have to live with it long. They never did.

“I call break! How about it? " Ivy asked. 

"Oh yeah! I’m starved! ” Lily dropped her washcloth into the bucket and went to the sink. Peeling off her

 oversized rubber gloves she discarded the orange monstrosities onto the floor. As she washed her hands she

 peered out the window above the large double sink. All thought of food disappeared as she looked across the

 small unkempt patch of green outside. 

“Ohh… My… God.. ” she whispered slowly, never taking her eyes from what she saw. 

“ What?” Ivy asked, scooching in next to her to get a look. Her gaze travelled across the fence separating their

 small backyard from the work in progress next door. 

On the roof of the house across the way were four angels… Very sweaty sexy angels. One had hair that truly DID

 belong on Olympus… He was wearing faded jeans, workbooks and a white t shirt that was split down both sides

 to the bottom band. Around his forehead, holding back that glorious hair was tied a blue bandana, he was

 wielding a hammer in his right hand. Another angel working beside him was dressed in a similar fashion. Stockier

 and shorter hair. He had facial hair where “blue bandana boy” was clean shaven. He had a red bandana tied

 around his head and each time he swung the hammer in his hand the girls could see the muscles in his stomach

 and sides tighten. The third angel was wearing faded bibs… No shirt… And again.. work boots . His blond blond

 hair was sticking up even though he was sweaty… His chest, and arms were reddened from the sun and glistening

 with perspiration… And the last was slender… Spikey dark hair, a wife beater style muscle shirt and ripped faded

 jeans. He wiped his brow frequently with his forearm. 

A tiny high pitched squeal escaped Lily’s lips and instantly four heads turned in their direction. Ivy spun

 away from the window dragging Lily with her. They stood just out of sight from the men with their foreheads

 touching. Lily could barely choke out the words for laughter. “I forgot the window was open! ” Trying hard to

 stifle giggles the two slid slowly down the wall to the floor and sat holding hands. Maybe things would turn out

 OK after all. 

Ivy pulled out her cell phone from her rear jeans pocket and proceeded to order lunch. When they'd finished eating an hour later Ivy said, 
“Let’s go see if we can find what’s dead and stinky." and headed for the front porch.

"I think it’s coming from the gutter. ” she said wrinkling her nose and planting her hands on her hips. Stretching on

 tiptoe and craning her neck, she tried to see into the leaf filled gutter overhead. 

“You’re never gonna see it from there.” Lily said. "We need to go out the upstairs window and onto the porch


” You knock yourself out… I am not crawling out onto that roof. The way my life is going right now I’d either fall off

 or fall through. I’ll just climb up on a box or chair or something and see if I can see it from here.“

"Suit yourself.” Danielle said heading for the stairs

Five minutes later two screams pierced the afternoon stillness simultaneously,one from each girl. As Ivy hung

 from the edge of the porch roof both legs kicking nearly five feet above the front lawn.

 Lily clung to her hands trying to keep her from slipping.
“Can you imagine how bad this would be if I’d gone onto the roof? Ivy joked

"Not funny. ”  Lily grunted, hanging on as Ivy swung her legs looking for a foothold. “Stop kicking! ”

“I’m trying to find something to put my foot on.” Ivy said trying to defend her actions.

“Well.. Don’t… Can’t you just drop down?”

“No I cannot just drop down… I can’t see where I’m dropping to and I’ll end up rolling down the lawn and breaking

 my neck. ”

“Hello? What are you doing up there? ” 

This beautiful voice was sent from heaven… Actually it was very British and soft… But Ivy was sure it was exactly

 what angels sounded like… One of four to be exact.
She couldn’t risk looking down so she just listened to a voice that would have melted stone.

“ I was contemplating suicide… This is just a trial run. I’ve decided it’s not high enough, so do you think you can

 help me down?”

She felt strong arms wrap around her legs and a very broad shoulder ease up under her butt. But when he tried to

 move she realised that Lily was still gripping her wrists… Very very tightly…
“Sissy.. You can let go. ” Ivy said. 

“Yeah, you can let go, luv. ” Uh oh another male voice. Ivy looked up to see wife beater boy kneeling beside

Lily on the roof. Huh where’d he come from? Lily let him gently take her hands away and lead her inside

 the window to safety, and Ivy was lowered to the front lawn in one piece. Only then did she see who had

 rescued her… Olympus boy himself.

“ Oh boy.. My butt was actually touching him?! ” She thought. He’s young… Young enough to be my… Son. Apply

 breaks quickly and breathe… Step back and look away quickly… Run into the house and lock the door… None of

 these happened and she felt her stomach flutter as he smiled and she noticed two very sexy dimples appear on

 his very sexy face. “ Where is Lily and why is she taking so long?” ran through her head as she tried to think

 of something not stupid to say.

Suddenly a very dead bird dropped to the steps in between them. Hott Stuff looked up and so did she. Looking

 down and smiling was wife beater guy… “I believe I found what you were looking for!” he said proudly. Grabbing the edge of

 the roof he swung down and landed squarely on his feet and did a little bounce just as Lily stepped through

 the door. “Ohh!” she squealed, startled as he sidestepped to stand in front of her…“d'I scare ya, Luv?” he smiled.

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