The Boys Next Door

You can run from your past...but you can't always hide.


6. Certainty.... Uncertainty

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Lightening bugs had begun to dance in the front yard and street lamps had come on. Lily and Louis had taken another bottle of wine and retired to her bedroom. Harry sat alone on the front steps in the deepening twilight… Waiting. Finally he saw the familiar headlights of his pickup turn the corner and park in front of the steps. He sat waiting for Ivy to get out. When she did she was carrying a plain brown bag and several plastic ones from her favorite Chinese restaurant. 
He stood as she came up the steps. 
“Are you OK?” He asked, taking the plastic take out bags and opening the screen door for her. She lead the way to the kitchen without answering. Harry followed and deposited the food onto the large wooden table. 
“Ivy…? “he asked again. But when she didn’t answer the second time he gently took her shoulder and turned her to face him. Her eyes were wide and glistening with tears. Silently one slipped past her lashes and rolled down her cheek. Drawing in a shuddering breath she shook her head and looked at him hopelessly. Without a word he enfolded her into his embrace, cradling her against his chest. 
Lily and Louis had taken the wine and gone to her bedroom. They started drinking the bottle sitting on the floor… Now they were wrapped in each other so closely you couldn’t tell where one ended and the other began. Both were completely naked and Louis’ cock was tucked firmly against her rounded bottom… Just like every night for the past three weeks. Earlier it had been tucked somewhere much warmer and much wetter. Now as they spooned he whispered against her ear, his breath warm on her skin. 
” I’ve never fallen for someone like this before, ya know. I mean… I’ve had sex on the first night… But to keep coming back for this long… “ he let the sentence trail off like he didn’t know how to continue. 
“Wow,” Lily said, looking at him over her shoulder… “you really know how to sweet talk a girl. 
“Ahh gimme a break will ya, luv? This idn’t easy on me. I’m tryin’ to tell ya I think I might be fallin’ in luv with ya.”   “You can’t fall in love in three weeks.“  she chided.  
 “Falling in love doesn’t follow a schedule… I can fall in love as soon as I want.” Louis argued. Lily turned in his arms to face him, her eyes darting back and forth looking into his eyes. She just stared for a few seconds. Then taking his face in her hands she softly kissed his warm lips. Slowly she could feel the need spread through her body as the kiss deepened and settle in that sweet snug spot between her thighs. It was a need he had fulfilled many times over the past few weeks… And guiding him home, it was a need he would fulfill yet again tonight. This time it was a stronger, deeper need because the past was rearing its ugly head… Threatening this beautiful present and trying to ruin the possibility of a future free of fear… Fear of the monsters that lived in the past and sought to rip hope away. 
She felt the pulsing tip of his shaft teasing her clit and she sucked in her breath sharply. He smiled and bent his head to her breast. Taking her nipple into his mouth he began to work it to a hard peak. Tiny gasps and soft moans escaped her as he showered both tender spots with attention. Soon she was pulling his face to her and catching his lips with her mouth. Their breath mingled and soft gasps and tiny hiccuping sighs were muffled against perspiring skin. She lost herself in his scent,his touch, the sounds of their lovemaking. Something inside her burst and she felt waves of heat and chills thunderclaps and silence all at the same time… How could this be happening? She didn’t ponder long… Another wave came crashing over her as she felt his warm release inside her… She knew she was home. 
Much later Ivy lay in bed with her back nestled to Harry’s chest. His cock was hard and warm where it was pressed against her bottom. She knew it was only because she kept fidgeting. 
“I’m sorry. I keep moving so much…you’ll never get to sleep like this. ” she murmured. 
“I’m fine.” Harry whispered, his breath warm on her neck. “And you can wriggle around as much as you please. ” he added, pressing a kiss to the back of her neck and pulling her closer. 
They lay in silence for a long while. Just when he thought she was asleep he felt her trembling and hot tears drip to his arm where it lay trapped beneath her head. 
Suddenly she twisted in his arms, burying her face against his broad chest. 
“Sshhhh. ” Harry crooned, smoothing her tear dampened hair away from her face. 
“ I thought it would be OK… I thought I would be with you for awhile… Then we’d move on.. We never stay any one place for longer than a month or two… I thought it would be OK… I thought it would be sa…” her words were muffled against him. 
Harry cut her off, pushing her away from him so he could see her face. “You were planning on leaving even as you were moving in?! ” he couldn’t believe what she was saying.
“Even before we moved in. We always plan as far ahead as possible. That way we always have an exit strategy. But this time we got sloppy… We stopped planning because…. Becau… ” she inhaled sharply and changed what she started to say. The next words came in a rush and were accompanied by wracking sobs. “And now I’ve put everyone in danger! Nobody’s safe.. And it’s my fault! ”
“Stop. ” Harry said softly, pressing his lips to the top of her head. She didn’t seem to hear and continued to sob. “Stop..Stop Stop it! "he cried, shaking her lightly. She raised her face to him and he again pushed her tangled hair out of the way so he could look into her eyes. "This isn’t your fault! And I’m a big boy… You DID NOT  put me in danger… Understand? ”
“Please don’t say that Harry.” she replied softly. 
“Say what, luv? ” he asked with a sigh. 
“Boy. ” she answered simply, claiming his lips with hers.

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