The Boys Next Door

You can run from your past...but you can't always hide.


5. Bad News

<p>#One Direction # fan fiction  # smut #mature# Harry Styles # Louis Tomlinson <p>

The next three weeks were perfect. Each day mirrored the perfection of the day before. And every night was better than the night before. Until… 
Lily had been running an errand to the post office and came into the house humming to herself as she rifled through the mail. She skidded to a halt as she saw the look on Ivy's face. Her aunt stood with the phone clutched in her hand and her face was white. She looked about to collapse. Lly tossed the mail and took her by the arm and led her to the table. Pulling out a chair she pushed her into it. 
“What? ” was all she said as she seated herself facing Ivy. 
“He’s out… ” Ivy breathed. She struggled to take another breath.
“What? Noooo…that can’t be! ” Lily struggled to maintain her composure. 
“How? ”
“Our lawyer called… He’s out. Apparently he escaped…hiding in a bakery truck. Can you believe that?! ” she nearly shouted rising to her feet.
Lily pulled her into her arms. Her whole body was vibrating but she didn’t make a sound. She was still standing there stiff in her arms when the guys walked in. 
“What’s going on? ” Louis asked, seeing them standing together. 
With a small sob, Ivy spun out of Lily’s arms and ran toward the bedroom, Harry hot on her heels. 
“What’s going on? ” Louis repeated gesturing helplessly toward the hallway where the others had disappeared.
“This is a very long story and I need a drink. ” Lily went to the cupboard and took down two glasses and a bottle of red wine. “Come” she said simply, motioning with her head for Louis to follow. Together they walked through the house and out the back door. Going to the bottom of the steps, she sat down and handed Louis one of the glasses. He took it silently and sat down next to her. She filled their glasses took a long swallow from hers, refilled it and started. 
“Several years ago… I was married. And Ivy was living with a guy. He was a real douche bag. He was mean… And I do not mean just asshole mean. I’m talking counting how many slices of bread there are and if she ate one without him being there to share it… Well she’d have a black eye or bruise. She tried to get away several times. He came after her every time. Swore he’d never let her leave.
Louis’ hand tightened on the wineglass and she reached over and placed her fingers on his. 
“Ivy showed up at our house one night. It was cold, snowing… in her bare feet. She was beat bloody. She could barely stand. We found out later that she had two broken ribs.”
The muscles in Louis’ jaws worked and he swallowed repeatedly. 
“We got her inside and called the police and an ambulance but before they got there he showed up. He was trying to kill her because she had driven the car to the grocery without him!” Lily stressed these last words to emphasize how ridiculous it was. The muscles in Louis’ jaw worked faster and with more vigor the more he listened. 
“When he got there he was furious. We couldn’t talk at all. We knew he was beyond talking. He was having a complete mental meltdown. He only wanted Ivy. But my husband had me take her into the basement. We had a small sorta, "safe room” there. He told me to take her there and wait for the cops. I did. I kept hearing things crashing overhead. I kept thinking that he was tearing up my house. When the police came they found us in the basement. They told me my husband was dead. He had bashed his head in with my husband’s Little League bat. He coached.. “ she said as if she needed to explain that detail. She took another long pull from her glass, and this time Louis followed suit and drained his glass. Reaching for the bottle he filled his glass again and drained it a second time. She offered another refill but he shook his head. Bringing his hands to his face he drew a deep shaky breath and scrubbed his hands across his brow. 
"Where is he?” They turned at the sound of Harry’s voice behind them. 
Lily looked up at him. His handsome young face was a masterpiece in rage. 
“He’s probably looking for Ivy. At the trial he still swore he’d never let her go.” Lily said quietly. “I believe him… The only way she’ll ever be free of him…is if he’s dead. But we’ve moved a few times since the trial. We’ve gotten pretty good at covering our trail… Tactical diversion… Slight of hand… All that stuff.” 
“Do you think he’ll find her? ” Harry asked deadly quiet. 
Lily thought for a second, wanting to lie, to spare Harry but she couldn’t. 
“Yes. ” she said simply. 
“Then I’ll be waiting when he does.”
“ Harry… " Lily began. "This guy is dangerous… He killed my husband!” she clutched Louis’ hand tightly as if he was a bouy and she was drowning.
“If he comes… He won’t touch her… He’s not gonna get near her…I’ll make certain of that!” Harry said heatedly. 
“We all will, mate. ” Louis said coming to stand beside his friend. He reached out and placed a calloused hand on Harry’s shoulder shaking him slightly. 
Harry started to answer when all three were startled by the slamming of a car door. Harry breached the front door in time to see Ivy speeding off down the street in his truck. 
“What the fuck? he whispered ,twisting at the waist to look at the others and running a large hand through his glorious hair. 
"I’m pretty sure I know what she’s doing." Lily  sighed. “Just let her go… She won’t be gone long. ”

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