Fallen Angel


8. Seven

Niall and I turned to the source of the voice, and I saw that it was the lady from the beauty shop. For just a moment, here eyes turned black and quickly went back to normal. And then I knew it was a demon. Great. "What do you want?" Niall questioned. "You know exactly what I want," she said. "Give me the book and I'll be out of here before you can say 'pie'". "Sorry, can't." The demon let out a deep sigh and took a step forward. But she didn't, because she couldn't. The devil's trap wouldn't let her. She looked at Niall with a frown and growled. Niall snickered. "Let me go!" the demon lady bellowed. "Not a chance," the blond hunter said. All of a sudden, Niall began to speak that sounded like, once again, Latin. The demon's eyes widened, but then she let out a chuckle. "An exorcisms? Really?" she said. But Niall wasn't paying any attention to her. He kept going at it, and as I looked at the thing in front of me I saw it begin to grit its teeth. Its head began to shake very quickly and it started to breath heavily, screaming once in awhile. When Niall was finally done, thick, black smoke escaped the woman's mouth, and then she collapsed to the floor. I've never seen anything like that before. It was scary, but at the same time it was fascinating. When it was all over, I stared at Niall with wide eyes. "Latin," Niall said. "What just happened?" I asked. "I just did an exorcism on the demon. It won't be coming back for a while." Just then the lady on the floor came into consciousness. "W-what happened?" she asked. "What was that?" I heard Niall swear under his breath. Then he said, "It's best if you don't know. Are you from Jim Thorpe?" "Yes, I am," the frightened woman confirmed. "Who are you?" "Like I said, it would be best for you to not know. I suggest you take it all as some twisted dream and head back home, okay?" The woman nodded as Niall gently helped her up and lead her to the door. When she left, he turned to me and said, "One more thing. I'm afraid we won't be able to spend the night in this town." "So are going to drive somewhere else?" "Yeah. Oh, and did you bring the thing I asked you?" "I did. The best one I know. I managed to grab it before getting out of there." I took out the bottle of mousse and tossed it to him and he caught it with perfect measure. "Nice catch." Niall smirked and went to the bathroom to do his hair. Meanwhile, I sat down on one of the beds and switched on the TV. But, just at that exact moment, my phone rang. It was my mother, of course. How many things could happen in one morning? Could this day get any worse? Just as I accepted the call, my mom's voice began booming from the other end. "ROBIN! Where the hell are you? I hope you're not with Niall." "Good morning to you, too," I said sarcastically. "This isn't funny, young lady. Where the hell are you?" "I'm in a motel in Pennsylvania." "In Pennsylvania!?Why are y— oh, no, you didn't. .. Robin, your father and I specifically told you not to on this journey. What is wrong with you?" "Listen, mom, don't worry," I assured her. "Everything is fine. Please, just calm down. Niall and I just got back from breakfast. Nothing happened." Well, that was a complete lie. "Not yet, it didn't," she stated. "And how the hell did you convince Niall to take you along? Because I'm pretty sure he wouldn't have even dreamed of it." I took a deep sigh and rubbed at the bridge of my nose. "Mom, relax. I'm nineteen, for heaven's sake. I can make my own decisions." "Clearly not the brightest ones." "Mom, shut up!" She gasped. "How dare you? I can't believe you. How old do you think you are?" "Old enough to make my own decisions!" And with that, I hung up. I was so tired of her crap. I understood that she wanted what was best for me, but she was such a bitch. She couldn't always choose what I did in my life. She had to understand that I was able to make my own choices, that I was an adult. Yes, maybe a young, crazy, and immature one, but I had enough maturity in me to speak for myself and do the things I wanted to do. "What the hell was that?" Niall asked as he walked out of the washroom. Ah, his hair. I wanted to touch it so badly. "My mom called," I explained. "She started yelling in my ear about disobeying her." I crossed my arms and rolled my eyes. "Well, technically you did ignore her orders. And you know that we're both dead if something happens to you, right?" "Nothing will happen to me. And if it does, we'll just not tell her." "And what if you go missing? Or worse? We won't tell her about that either?" "Listen, just relax. Take a deep breath. Nothing will happen." Niall sighed deeply. "Fine. Whatever. Let's hit the road. We don't have long." I grabbed my bag and followed Niall out the motel room to the reception desk. We quickly checked out and made our way to the Riviera. This entire time the lady who stood behind the reception desk looked at us weirdly. When Niall and I got in his car I was told to take out the map to see where we were going next. "Clay, West Virgin," I suggested. "We'll be able to make it by midnight." "Okay," Niall said. "That's the farthest we can go in a day. Good thinking." With the classic rock station turned up, we drove off to the next state. We drove for so long, I grew bored and began taking pictures of whatever we passed and sent them to Kayla. She was amazed and asked me where I was. I just told her that I was taking a small road trip with a friend. She asked if it was Adam, and my stomach turned. I answered that no, it wasn't, and she asked me who. I told her it was a family friend, so I technically wasn't lying. Kayla told me to send all the cool pictures I took to her, and I promised I will. •°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°• When we were in Upshur, West Virginia, we stopped at a Burger King for lunch. I took picture of my food to rub in Kayla's face because she was on a "diet", and caught a quick one of Niall looking out the window when he thought some kids were doing something to his car. It was actually a really good shot, considering that I caught him off guard. The way the light shown on him and made his blue eyes stand out was so beautiful. I sent them both to Kayla and she replied almost instantly. From Kaykay: OMG HOW DARE YOU? You know I'm on a diet! And is that the family friend? He's cute.. To Kaykay: I dared because I felt like teasing you :) And yeah, that's him. From Kaykay: Wait, isn't that the guy we saw at the diner? The one we thought looked like the boy in your dreams? To Kaykay: Well................. From Kaykay: Dude, wth? Is he really a family friend or did you hook up with him? OMFG IS HE YOUR DRUG DEALER!? To Kaykay: *Dry laugh* no, he's not my drug dealer. He really is a family friend. From Kayla: Why didn't you tell me before that you knew him? To Kaykay: I didn't know him. Turns out he's Bobby's son. From Kaykay: NO WAY. To Kaykay: YES WAY. Just then, I heard something weird. It wasn't a noise, it was a conversation in the booth next to ours. I kicked Niall under the table to get his attention. He winced and looked at me with furrowed eyebrows as if to ask me, "What the hell?" I shushed him and told him to listen to the people behind me. "Did you hear about that murder?" one guy said. "No, what murder?" the other one asked. "The one with the strange bite marks," guy number one said. "What strange bite marks?" guy number two questioned. "He had these two weird bites on his neck. The police say it must have been some kind of wild animal. I bet it was a vampire." "Oh, please. Don't start with your monster crap." "I'm serious!" Niall got up and walked over to the two teenagers. I followed suit, and we both sat down at their booth. "Hi," Niall said. "Um, we just overheard your conversation. Do you know anything else about this murder?" "Well," guy number one said, "it happened yesterday around noon. Oh, and there was one more this morning. The second victim had the weird bite marks, too." "And the cops say it was just a wild animal?" I asked. "Yeah, but what animal do you think would have made that kind of mark? There are no woods anywhere here, so there is no other explanation. It was a vampire, dude. I know it." "Anything else?" Niall asked. "No, that's all," the vampire dude said. "If you want to know anything else I suggest you talk to the cops, but as far as I know they're all filled with crap." "Thanks, boys," Niall said. When we got up and were out of earshot from the two guys, he told me, "Looks like we've got a case." We grabbed whatever we didn't finish and took it to Niall's car. We found the nearest hotel and checked in. When we settled in Niall told me to look up anything related to murders in Upshur. He hit the books he brought along while I started researching on the murders. I looked in the Upshur news first. The article on the two killings was the very first thing that caught my eye. There were two articles, actually. One from yesterday, which was titled, "MYSTERIOUS DEATH: MAY BE WILD ANIMAL." The one from earlier today was titled, "MURDER REPEATED: ANIMAL OR VAMPIRE?" I opened the first one and a video came up. It was a clip of the news report. "Niall, I said. "Take a look at this." He scooted over closer to me, and I could smell his scent. He smelled like mint and soap. It was so strong, I didn't know how I didn't notice it before. "Well?" Niall said. I snapped out of my thoughts and turned on the video. Today around noon, Christopher Oliver, a twenty-two-year-old college student, was murdered, in Upshur, West Virginia, the news anchor said. He has what appears to be two, small puncture wounds on his neck. He was on his way to his fourth class. Oliver was found dead behind a coffee shop by a homeless man. Police say it was a wild animal, but locals aren't convinced. They showed the guy's neck and where he was bitten. It definitely couldn't have been an animal attack. "Pull up the one from this morning," Niall told me. Again, I noticed how close he was to me. The way he smelled just overwhelmed me. But I pushed that thought out of my mind as I opened up the clip from earlier today. Another body was found this morning at the back of a gas station, the news anchor said. The victim, just like the first one, also had two puncture wounds on his neck. Today it was Isabelle Parker, who was on her way to work. Police say that they have animal control on this, but the locals won't have any of it. It is still rumored that this was no animal attack. "Alright," Niall sighed. "You're gonna need a fake FBI ID and something formal to wear." "What? Why?" I asked. "We're going to check out the dead bodies and get some interviews." "We're actually taking on this case?" "Yes." "I thought we had a mission." "Our mission as hunters is to keep people safe from the supernatural danger," Niall explained. "Is that what I am?" I asked. "A hunter?" "In the meantime, yes. But as soon as this is all over, you're to go back home and never hunt again. Understand?" I sighed and replied, "Yes." "Good," Niall said. "Now let's go and get you your fake ID."
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