Fallen Angel


9. Eight

It didn't take long to get me into formal attire, and it certainly didn't take as long as I thought to make my fake FBI ID. Of course, I had to use a different name as an FBI agent. Niall let me stick with Johanna Wood. His name was Atticus Gray, a name he had been using since he began hunting. We first stopped at the morgue to check out the victims' bodies. The doctors let us in without a problem once we showed our IDs. ""Good morning, doctor," Niall said to the man working in the morgue. "I'm agent Gray, and this is my partner agent Wood. We're here to see the dead bodies." "Ah, yes," said the doctor. "Thank you for coming. I'm Doctor Gomes." He was wearing a white medical robe and had glasses framing his eyes. He shook our hands with his cold one and proceeded. "Well, let me just tell you, there is no animal I know about that leaves that kind of bite mark on people's necks." He brought out the dead bodies and uncovered them up to their shoulders. The two were paper white, no colour anywhere, not even they're lips. I felt a bit sick but regained myself. Niall and I inspected them and saw that they both, in fact, had those two punctures on their neck. "Was there anything else you found that was weird?" Niall interrogated. "Maybe blood drained from the bodies?" "How did you know?" doctor Gomes asked. "Just a guess," Niall quickly covered up. "Did both vics have their blood drained?" "Yes, they did. But I don't know how this is possible. If I didn't know any better, I would've said it was some kind of bat. Or a...." "A vampire?" "If I believed, yes." "It's alright to believe in the supernatural, Doctor Gomes. We all have something we believe in, no matter how absurd it might sound." The doctor took a deep sigh and said, "I don't know who is killing these people, but I want them caught. Animal, human, vampire, I don't care. This has to stop." "We will do everything we can, sir," Niall assured him. After that we left. There was obviously no denying that this was a vampire killing these civilians. Heck, it could've been a pack of them. But we had to stop this, once and for all. "What now?" I asked Niall when we were in his car. "We go to the gas station and café. We ask the workers and that homeless man if he's still there if they saw anything." Our first stop was the café. We asked everyone who had a shift during that time if they saw the first victim and if he was behaving strangely. About three workers saw him. He was alone, and he was acting normal, they said. They didn't see anything unusual. We got the same answer at the gas station. The man working there said he saw the woman, but she didn't seem to be acting strangely at all. The only thing strange was that a man came up to her, grabbed her by the arm and dragged her outside. It was obvious that she didn't know the guy and was afraid. The man said he didn't want to get involved, so he said nothing and called the cops instead. By the time they arrived, the woman was already dead. The most interesting one was the version the homeless man told us. He said he saw the guy behind the café being dragged out by a young lady. She was all up on him, kissing his neck until the victim screamed out. The homeless man swore he saw her biting into the guy's neck, and that he collapsed after she let go. After that, he saw her run away with her chin smeared with blood. Anyone else who could've heard this from the homeless man would've thought he was crazy, but Niall and I knew that crazy was real. Niall and I looked at the surveillance cameras at the gas station and café. The old man was right, the woman WAS biting the man's neck. Same the went for the other victim. Thankfully, we got a clear shot of the vampires' faces. We copied the pictures to a flash drive and went back to the motel. From there we opened my computer and Niall set up a face recognition system. Using the system, we managed to pull up the vampires' identity. The vampire who took down the woman at the gas station was named Marcus Stewart, a thirty-year-old man from Clay, West Virginia. The other one was a thirty-one-year-old woman named Jennifer Butler, also from Clay. Both of them went missing last year on July seventeenth. Niall and I knew it was no coincidence that they disappeared on the same day and that they were out there doing the exact same thing. "The question is, where could they be?" I said. "They're most likely to be in an abandoned building of some sort," Niall said. "We just don't know where to go. Come on, we're gonna ask the sheriff." When we got to the station and asked Sheriff Wilkins, he said that the only abandoned place close to here is a house about ten miles south on the side of the road. When the sheriff asked why we wanted to know, Niall quickly covered up by saying it was classified. Wilkins looked surprised, not to mention a bit suspicious, but we left before he could ask any further questions. So we made sure we had everything we needed and drove to the abandoned house we were told about. On the way there, I began to think. This is my first ever hunt, but yet I never had any preparation except for Bobby's journal. I was weak, vulnerable. Was I really about to walk in there and start slaying vampire ass? I had to admit, I was scared. When I first left my house, I knew what was waiting for me and I didn't seem phased about it at all. But now, fright hit me like a truck. I tried my best not to show it and hoped it worked. As much as I was frightened, the idea of Niall going into that house alone gave me the shivers. I couldn't help but think that if I wasn't there beside him, he would get Turned. Or worse. So I got myself together and did my best to get those thoughts out of my head. When we arrived, Niall and I walked over to his trunk. When he opened it up, I was amazed. There were so many weapons! Knives of all kinds, guns, ammo, and a pentagram on the top. Niall took out two swords and four syringes of blood. "What's the blood for?" I asked. "It's dead man's blood," the blond explained. "It acts as a poison to the bloodsuckers." He handed me two of the syringes. "As for the blade, just go for the head. Just slice their head off, and they're dead. So you have two methods of killing." He showed a quick movement of the blade before handing it to me as well. "Are you sure you want to go in there? It's really dangerous. You haven't had the proper training yet." "I'm fine," I assured him as I hid the sword and syringes in my jacket. "What are we gonna do when we walk in? Find them and start a massacre?" "If they don't find us first, which they probably will. But yes about the second part. You need to be prepared for anything that will come our way, Robin." It was probably somewhere around four in the afternoon, telling by the sun's position. The sun was beginning to cast shadows. We carefully made our way into the house. Even though it wasn't dark outside just yet, it was really hard to see inside. It took about fifteen seconds for my eyes to adjust to the darkness. The floorboards creaked under our feet here and there. There was a huge hole in the ceiling above what seemed to be the living room. Everything was covered in dust and spider webs, and I heard a few squeaks. We heard a creak of the floorboard. It wasn't either of us. Niall and I looked at each other as I took a nervous sigh. All of a sudden, I felt something banged against my head, and I fell into the darkness.
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