Anything For Us

April is your average 18 year old girl, well that's what you'd think if your looked at her, her mother is sick and brother Calum is in denial what will she do?


1. Prologue

"April, GET DOWN HERE PLEASE" " coming" I shouted rushing to help my mother. she was diagnosed with terminal cancer 3 months ago and has been given 5 more to live. when I finally got downstairs I saw my mom in tears on the sofa. " whats wrong mom" I said worried it wasn't like her to break down like this. she was always so strong, why did cancer pick her? what did she ever do? " I..I.I can't get up" I quickly grabbed her arm and helped her upstairs. the doctor said this would happen over timw I wasn't ready yet. I got her dressed and put her to bed, I waited until she was asleep then ran to my room crying I stood out on my balcony sobbing for what seemed like hours until I heard a voice and I recognised it, it was my brother (Calum Hood) best friend. I looked up to see none other than Luke Hemmings. "Whats wrong" he asked I looked at my feet.     

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