Anything For Us

April is your average 18 year old girl, well that's what you'd think if your looked at her, her mother is sick and brother Calum is in denial what will she do?


2. i think i do

"is it your mum" he asked. Luke knows all about our mum as we told the band, and yes they're in a band, its called 5 seconds of summer and they're not actually that bad. He also knows because we promised eachother we would tell one another anything and everything- we made that promise when we were 6! I look at my feet and slowly nod I try to hold back the tears but its no use they keep coming. Luke quickly notices and runs down his stairs and up mine. He sat on my bed and gestured for me to. I hugged him so tight it was like I was never going to hug him again! I started crying again but this time uncontrollably I knew my make up was all over my face I probably looked like a complete mess! "hey hey its ok im always here for you April Grace Hood" "Why thank you Luke Robert Hemmings" we hugged again but this time when I looked up I was him staring at me and it was kinda creepy "what" I said he tucked a piece of loose behind my ear and said " you're just so beautiful" I blushed, he made me feel so special and I think l love him! 

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