Anything For Us

April is your average 18 year old girl, well that's what you'd think if your looked at her, her mother is sick and brother Calum is in denial what will she do?


3. Finally

I woke up the next morning in Luke's arms and smiled "come on luke its time to get up" "why" he replied which I laughed at "BECAUSE IT'S MY BIRTHDAY" Luke smiled and sat up but his smile suddenly turned into a frown and he layed back down "whats wrong" "can we stay friends even if you hate what I'm about to say" I was REALLY worried now "Luke what is it, i'm always here for you no matter what" "ok here goes nothing then. April Grace Hood I have loved you since we were 15 and I have waited so long but u just can't wait anymore I love you so much and I will do anything for you! I want you in my life! I need you in my life! I need you. I was totally shocked by what he just said and replied  "Luke Robert Hemmings, I have loved you since we were 14 and I need you in my life!" A massive smile appeared on his face "So April, will you be my girlfriend" " if I must Hemmings" he frowned "im messing with ya" he laughed "ha ha funny but DONT do it again! please." "alright" I said he kissed me and I felt the cold touch of his lip ring he had his hand wrapped around my waist and I had mine around his neck it was all PERFECT                                   


that was until Calum walked in...  

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