1. wait

It was an normal day Emma she really haven't talk to everyone besides her best friends. Emma made her way down the hallway to get on the bus. Suddenly she felt someone's arms around her waist. If your going have your hand around me pick me up I'm ready to go home. She said as if she already knew who's behind her. Ok ok Matthew said while picking her up bridal style. We walked down bus ramp and Mathew lean in for a kiss. I smashed my hand in his face.

On the way home he tried to again so I did the same think . *facepalm*

Mathew look at me with confusion.

Mathew pov

Why wouldn't she let me kiss? I thought. It was our stop I walk her home. For some reason she let in. I followed her. I pulled her close to me and kissed her. Get off of me!! She yelled . Not the reaction I was looking for . I pushed her into the bed. Held her down while grabbing her wrist as hard as I cloud to stop Emma from moving. Stop !!!..she screamed. No not until i get what I want . Emma stop moving and went with it . I told you the other day you'll never win. I said with grin.

An hour has pasted and nothing happen. I guess I'll get going. I mumbled. "Why not just come lay with me and let the world take us all in" Emma said quoting a song.

Umm well I don't wanna stay with you cause you never say anything lately and I'm wondering what's wrong.... Soo nooo. I said walking out the door. Making my way down the hallway and left.

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