Sherlock and the Time Lords (BBC Sherlock/Doctor Who Crossover)

Before John came, Sherlock had met two people. Two aliens, to be exact. One male, one female. What happens when their worlds meet? Only time will tell.


1. Prologue

Sherlock plucked the strings on his violin, while staring out at London absently. He was bored. Like usual. No interesting cases to solve. Clean from drugs. Mrs Hudson stole his skull. . .


“Bored.” Sherlock muttered, glaring out at the people in the street. “How can people do these normal stuff?”


Ooh-hoo!” came Mrs Hudson's voice. Sherlock sighed annoyed, but didn't move, listening as she entered his flat, the smell of tea surrounding the living room quickly. “Oh Sherlock,” she tutted, “why don't you go out and mingle?”


“Mingle?” Sherlock scoffed, sitting in his armchair. “That's like telling Mycroft to stop eating cake for the rest of his life.” Sherlock closed his eyes, heading to his Mind Palace, trying to find something to do. “BORED!” Sherlock yelled unexpectedly, startling the land lady.


“Sherlock!” she scolded. “You almost made me spill the tea!”


“Mrs Hudson, I don't care -”


Whirr. . .Whirr. . .Whirr. . .Whirr. . .Boom. . .


“Did you hear that?” Sherlock frowned, standing up. He immediately went to the window again.


“Hear what, dear?” Mrs Hudson asked confused.


“Ugh, old people with their bad hearing.” Sherlock muttered, eyeing the street. “It sounded near. . .” Sherlock then spotted a blue police box, smoke emitting from the door. “That. . .that was not there before.” he blinked. He watched as a man and woman walked out of the box, coughing madly. Luckily, he was able to hear what they were saying.


Jesus, Doctor!” the woman exclaimed. “I told you not to do that!”


Do what?” 'Doctor' asked her.


Leave the breaks on on the TARDIS!” she exclaimed. “I told you, if you kept doing this, soon she's gonna break!”


When did you tell me that?”


Gee, I don't know. . .EVER SINCE WE GOT HER!”


Sherlock immediately dashed out, barely avoiding knocking Mrs Hudson down. “Oh, Sherlock!” she cried shocked. “Why the sudden rush?”

“I'm following your advice!” Sherlock called out to her while running downstairs. “I'm going out to mingle!”


“Oh, okay!” she called back, chuckling. “Finally that man is doing something human.”


Sherlock walked out of 221B, looking across the road where he had saw the two people and police box. He didn't see the people, but he saw the blue box. He quickly crossed the road, never removing his gaze from the mysterious box. When he reached the other side of the street, he was a foot away from it. At first, he didn't do anything, instead, stared at it for a while. People glanced at him, but walked away. Sherlock was oblivious to everything, focussing only on the box.



-Not from here

-Police box, but not really


“Hm.” Sherlock frowned. “That's all I got.” Sherlock then noticed the door handle. He eyed it for a while, before reaching out to it. He reeled back though, eyeing his surrounding, making sure he wasn't being watched. When he saw no one was looking (or so he thought), he reached for the handle.


Before he could touch it, a feminine hand grabbed his gently, yet firmly. “A curious one, aren't ya.” came the familiar female voice. Sherlock glanced to his right and saw the same woman and man standing before him, grinning.


“Hello!” the man said happily. “I'm the Doctor!”


“And I am Layla, his sister!” the woman added. “So, what were you planning to do with our ship?”

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