Sherlock and the Time Lords (BBC Sherlock/Doctor Who Crossover)

Before John came, Sherlock had met two people. Two aliens, to be exact. One male, one female. What happens when their worlds meet? Only time will tell.


2. Chapter 1

(A/N: Video below is not mine, I just saw it and thought it looked cool.)

“I'm sorry,” Sherlock frowned, “did you just say, 'ship?”


“Yeah. . .ship.” she nodded. “You know, space ship, space craft. . .”


“UFO.” the Doctor added. “You know. . .ship.”


“Ship. . .” Sherlock glanced at the police box. “This is. . .your. . .ship?”


“Yep!” the two answered happily.


“Isn't she beautiful?” the Doctor glanced at his ship lovingly. Layla grimaced at her brother.


“Sometimes it's like you're married to her instead of River.” she stated. Doctor scowled at his sister, before facing Sherlock, who looked a bit lost.


“I'm sorry.” Sherlock frowned. “I think you guys need to go to a mental institute -”


“When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.” Layla interrupted. “You saw us when we landed – well, heard us, and you saw smoke coming out of our ship, you should know that what we are saying, is very true.”


Sherlock stayed silent, glancing between the two, and then their 'ship'. “But!” he argued. “How can you two fit in there?”


“Ooh, I was waiting for you to say that!” the Doctor grinned. He turned to his sister. “Would you like to do it, or shall I. . .?”


“Knock yourself out brother dear,” she grinned, “I've done most of the talking.”


The Doctor jumped in his spot, before facing Sherlock again. “Do you want to see it? The inside of our ship?” Before Sherlock could reply, the Doctor clicked his fingers, and the door opened. Sherlock peered in, and couldn't believe what he saw. He quickly ran around the police box, surveying it, before going back to the entrance, staring inside. The two aliens stood aside, watching amused.


“Ah, I love the people's reactions.” the Doctor sighed happily.


“Yes,” Layla agreed, “but sometimes it can get boring. You know what they are going to say.”


“They're going to say -”


“It's bigger on the inside!” Sherlock exclaimed, unaware of their conversation. Layla glanced at the Doctor with a look clearly saying, I told you so, before standing beside Sherlock.


“Go on.” she encouraged him. “You can go inside.”


Sherlock immediately went in, surveying the room. There was a console-looking engine in the centre, a railing around it. Everything was full of technology. Sherlock walked around the console, observing the strange buttons and levers. Sherlock frowned when he saw a doorknob, that was next to a bell. “What is this?” he asked them. He flicked a switch, immediately the lights turning down. “Are these supposed to be the buttons that control your ship?”


“Yep!” Layla nodded, walking in with the Doctor following.


“What do you think?” the Doctor asked him.


“It's. . .okay.”


“It's called the TARDIS. Time And Relative Dimensions In Space.” the Doctor explained. “It can go anywhere in space and time.”


“Shut up.” Sherlock looked at them with a frown. “That can't be true. . .”


“Look around you, man!” Layla twirled in a circle, arms spread out. “You are in a police box that is bigger on the inside!”


“So it is possible for this to be a space ship.” Doctor said.


“And it might be possible to meet two aliens.” Layla added with a sheepish smile. Sherlock looked at them with a blank look.


“You two. . .are aliens?” he asked them slowly. They nodded quickly.


“Hang on, how did he get that?” Layla frowned. The Doctor whacked her on the back of her head.


“Because you basically told him when you said that it might be possible to meet two aliens.” he pointed to himself, to Layla. “One, two.”


“It doesn't really register in the people's heads so. . .” she trailed off. “It's not my fault to think like that.”


“Why are you two telling me this?” Sherlock asked them. “Why do you two trust me that I am not going to rant at anyone?”


“Because you're lonely.” the Doctor said bluntly, making his sister whack him.


“Rude!” she scolded with a glare. She turned to Sherlock. “Don't worry, we're lonely too.”


“I-I don't understand. . .” Sherlock looked at them confused. “How do you know -”


“We know when we see a lonely person.” the Doctor smiled sadly at him. “We've been lonely for quite a long time now.


“It's a surprise we're sane still.” Layla added, leaning against the console. “What about you?”


“Me?” Sherlock frowned at them. “I solve cases -”


“Ooh! So do we!” the Doctor exclaimed. “Well, except our cases are kind of coincidences.”


“Danger is attracted to us.” Layla added. “So you solve cases for a living? Cool.”


“What happens if you don't have a case?” the Doctor asked Sherlock.


“I get bored.” Sherlock shrugged. “I compose music, do experiments, take dru-” Sherlock paused, cringing. “I used to take drugs. I've been clean for a few months now.”


“Drugs?” Layla grimaced. “Why?”


“My mind needs something to slow my thinking down.” Sherlock explained simply. “My mind is like a machine, it works non-stop.”


“You should see ours.” the Doctor chuckled. “Ours is way worse than yours.”


“But anyway. . .” Layla chimed in. “Back to business! We were meant to ask you. . .”


“Wanna travel with us?” the siblings chorused with a grin.



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