Hands, Bands, and Other Trends


23. Does Anyone Even Read the Chapter Titles?

I miss falling in love

When it was like a violent shove

When my hands shook

And it always took

All my strength to say one word

And even more to be heard.

I miss the feel of being so afraid

And feeling the rush when I was brave.

I miss the butterflies and the nervous laughter

I miss the before and after.


Now everything is so easy

And nothing's cheesy.

There's no cheap one-liners

And no one whispers, "Who's with her?"

It's all so very simple

That nothing makes a ripple.

Don't get me wrong, I don't want love

But I miss the nudge.

I don't want someone to be around

I would rather be lost than found,

But I miss the excitement that came with something new

I miss when green could have been yellow or blue

I miss when I could argue someone into the ground

Until they finally came around

Ugh, love.

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