Hands, Bands, and Other Trends


9. Broken Arms (Based on Robert Frost's "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening")

My sweet, my beloved

You never knew I was haunted

And I never wanted to tell

I never meant to yell

My sweet, my beloved

This is never what I wanted.


These woods are lovely, dark and deep

I'm sorry I forget the promises we keep

But there are miles to go before we sleep

I'm sorry, but there are still miles to go before we sleep


I have been lost, and I have been broken

But it was worth it to be looked at with love and

Your care and your words, you were my thief

Your heart and your strength, you were my creed

But you shouldn't believe in me anymore

I can't protect you from the storm.


Through fire and ice

Through day and night

We march on and on

Never stopping for long

Miles and miles go by and through

The darkest caves I marched with you

But I forget the promise I didn't keep

I'm sorry, my sweet,

But there are still miles I must go before I sleep

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