Hands, Bands, and Other Trends


46. 4: 56 AM (The Queen's Tale Part I)

Once upon a time in a land unknown

Lived a queen with heart made of stone

She banished all who questioned her rule

Her word was absolute, her reign was cruel

But she kept all her subjects in line

And she punished every mundane crime

One could not walk the wrong path

Without being brought under the lash

So one day, in this strict queendom

A prince rode about, seeking the people's freedom

He requested audience with the queen

But she thought it obscene

To speak with one who did not hold the title of king

So the prince rode home, his hope faltering

Next came a queen from another land

Gold and diamonds graced her hand

She was beautiful in deed

But the queen of the kingdom had no need

She thought it childish to send someone like her

So she sent away the shiny cur

The people lamented in the loss of their chance

The queen gave no one else a glance

They were in danger of death everyday

There must be someone for them willing to save

What they did not know

In this kingdom so cold

Was that their queen only wished for peace

And thought it earned through obedience.

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