Hands, Bands, and Other Trends


3. 3: 40 AM

Have you ever said a thing worth hearing?

Are you more than endearing?

I don't hold my head up high,

And I don't pretend that I can fly

Because my wings have long since broken.

I take your laughs as a token.

They pay my way onto the path less taken,

And I would say I'm happy, but you would say I'm faking.

Don't put the blame on me

Because these tired eyes can't see

The clock before my eyes.

I can't tell if that's a four or if it's a five.


I would congratulate you on making it this far

Because all of this is less than on par,

But I don't think you would appreciate something so below

The standard that this is mellow.

I promise that the next won't make sense,

But there will be a lot less pretense.

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