The End

"The world was ending, and it was all my fault."

- A short story.


1. The End

The world was ending and it was all my fault.

The ground was crumbling beneath my feet, the way the moon trembles while it waits for the sun to come and swallow it, the way a baby's scream shakes the heart and strikes fear into it. That was what the end of the world was like.

Buildings came crashing to the ground, sirens wailed without an end, children screamed and clung onto their mothers, fearful of what was to come. Heck, even I screamed a little, and I knew what was going on - I caused it.

It wasn't totally my fault though, of course. I hadn't meant to destroy the world, but when you combine my eldest sister's idiocy, my younger sister's rebelliousness and my brother's intelligence and their amazing ability to be annoying, you can't blame me for snapping eventually, can you?

God, that sounds awful, doesn't it? Forgive me, I'm not very good with words. But, basically, I'll just put it this way, and hopefully you'll make some sense of it, whoever you are, if you're even there.

It just started a couple of weeks ago, to be honest. Rachel - that's my younger sister, by he way - had just come home from school and had slammed the door so hard I thought it would break. Then she screamed at me for asking what was wrong, stole my food - not cool, sis! - and stomped upstairs like Grumpy the dwarf, which is ironic because she's the tallest person in our family by at least half a foot. We tried to get her in the Guiness Book of World records once, which really didn't go to plan, but that's beside the point. This is not that story, even though I'd rather it was.

Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, so Rachel had gone upstairs and my brother Kevin came in with his 'girlfriend' Mia, and the went upstairs to do some homework, which must have been awfully boring for Mia. I got myself some more food from the cupboard - hey, I was hungry - and started on my maths homework that was due in the next day.

Just when I was trying to work out what the value of x was if 2x + 33 = 53 - 3x (the answer was four by the way, just if you're reading this and algebra sadly still exists, and if you need to show working then:

2x + 33 = 53 - 3x

2x + 3x = 53 - 33

5x = 20

x = 4 )

But that all isn't important really, which is why it's in brackets because my English teacher always said that's where irrelevant information goes. And even this isn't relevant, so I seriously need to get back to the story.

Okay, so I was just doing my homework like your normal every day teenage girl, and my oldest sister, Charlotte, came in talking to someone on the phone, dropped her bag and collapsed dramatically onto the ground.

Before you start thinking "OH MY GOD IS SHE DEAD CRAP CRAP CRAP" please understand that this is my idiotic older sister I am talking about and that she has never ever collapsed out of not being well, so it was perfectly normal for me to leave her lying there until Mum got home or she got bored. As it happens, this time she actually wasn't well, so a few hours later we were all stuck in the hospital and my entire family was annoyed with me, which wasn't fair at all. My mum was like "Katy, we are very disappointed in you" and my dad was like "yes, what your mother said" and Rachel was listening to music and Kevin gave me a surreptitious high five because he's awesome. So maybe only three members of my family were annoyed with me, since Kevin's cool and Charlotte was, like, not informed of anything that was going on in real life.

Also, don't worry; she's perfect fine now, even though, as I'm pretty sure I mentioned already, the world is ending.

You may be confused as to how this has anything to do with the world ending, and I don't really blame you because I'm not good at explaining things. Like, at all. A monkey would be better at explaining things than me - no, a praying mantis would be better at explaining things than me. That's how bad I am at explaining things.

And I'm sidetracked again. Great.

But what this has to do with the world ending is that while we were in the hospital I went to the vending machine to get some food (we had had to skip dinner) and while I was deciding between ready salted and cheese and onion crisps, I caught a movement. At first I thought it was my hair because it's always going everywhere even without any wind, but then I remembered I'd put it up in a bun that day, which meant that the movement wasn't my hair.

For a moment I was confused - what weirdo that isn't me walks around a hospital at eleven o'clock at night? - but then I grew curious, and followed the thing that was movement, until it led me to a small room with no one in it but a small girl with rounded blue eyes and shoulder length curly brown hair.

I wondered what she was doing there, but after a moment it became clear when a massive creature swooped down, grabbed her in its talons, and left through a shattered window.

To be honest I was pretty freaked out by the whole thing, but I was still hungry, so before I went to follow them, I grabbed some random crisps from the vending machines (ready salted, as I finally decided) and ran to the window. I don't really know what I was expecting to see, to be honest, apart from a great expanse of black above me and blinking city lights below. I couldn't see anything outside the window, because what I was looking for was right behind me.

"A curious one," the creature snarled. "Fantastic."

I tried to say something smart like "Yep, that's me," or "I know I'm fabulous, darling," or even, "Fantastic that you're dead," and sprint away as fast as I possibly could, but I couldn't speak, couldn't move.

The creature in front of me was massive, wearing a coat of matted black fur, with clawing hands of black leather. The little girl lay across its back, her eyes closed. With a chill, I realised how pale she was, the way she didn't seem to be moving, even breathing.

She was dead.

So, of course, I had a very clever, well thought out plan in my head as I tried to kill the beast with a couple of crisps. Not.

I was flung across the hallway, landing on my feet like a cat, though I fell immediately. "Crap," I said, pain soaring through my ankle, which I was pretty sure was broken. The beast advanced on me, snarling and drooling, eyes glowing red like my spilling blood.

"You shall die, human," the beast snarled, which was a bit depressed, because I prefer to not die, crazy, I know, right?

"Great," I said. "Because death is so what I look forward to in life." I may have sounded pretty confident, but believe me, I was totally crapping myself. I'm not even going to try to pretend.

But anyway, after I said that the beast thing - I think I'll call it Bob for the purpose of writing this, because it's easier - yeah, Bob was really annoyed with me, so then he was like "Ah, die human scum!" and then he tried to kill me with his claws, but just in time I rolled away, wasn't looking where I was going, and crashed into a table.

I got to me feet as quick as I could with me ankle, and sat down in a chair, breathing heavily. "Fine," I said in defeat. "You win." Bob - that's the beast thing, remember? - looked confused. "Come kill me."

Apparently he preferred to play with his food before he ate it, and I didn't like the game. So, Bob got bored real quick after that, and he just left, to go find food somewhere else.

Now, you may be confused about all this, but you just need to know one thing; Bob can't go long without food. He's destroying the world, looking for me so he can have his meal that he lost when he was bored. The world is being destroyed, and if you're reading this, if the human race has survived, tell them all this message:

Bob is -

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