Once Upon A Song

In which Michael and Marlena go thru different phases of their relationship which could be described by 5sos' 1st album's songs.


1. 18


~01: 18
  "You're one of the new girl, right?" A tall blonde boy asked "You mean a junior?" I asked "Yeah." He answered "Then yeah." I replied and closed my locker. "You, me, tonight at 5, be at the bus station." He whispered and walked off. "You did not just get asked out by a senior." My friend said as I turned to her and chuckled. "I just did." I said as she freaked out.

'She told me to meet her there
I can't afford a bus fare'


I walked to the bus station and saw the older boy leaning against a street lamp. "I see you've showed up." He said "Yeah." I said "Come on, I have something to show you." He said taking my hand and leading me into his car, which he droved off to his apartment.

"Make yourself at home." He said taking off his jacket "And by that, I mean, make yourself comfy." He added and took his shirt off. "What do you mean by that?" I asked nervous "I heard that girls get more comfy when they take their bra off. Let's see if that's true." He said and kissed me. He put his hand under my shirt and unclipped my strapless bra. My eyes widened as my bra fell off. "Strapless? I like that." He smirked and undid his jeans.
"Well? Your turn." He said as I took my shorts off. "I like the view." He bit his lip as he pushed me down on the ebd and crawled on top of me. "One more thing, the name's Michael, just thought you should know which name to moan." Michael said and winked at me before taking my shirt off.

'She's just a little bit older
But I want to get to know her
She said it's already over'


"What then?" she asked "Dude, chill, we just had sex." I answered blushing "And you lost your v-card to him, that's huge." she said as I rolled my eyes smiling. "Hey, you should come over, oh, the name's Tyler, thought you should know which name to moan." a brown haired guy said and chuckled while his friends laughed with him.

"What?" i asked "Oh, you don't know? It's a tradition, senior gets junior to think he likes her and fucks her." Tyler answered and walked off with his friends "What?" I asked walking to the lockers where Michael was laughing with his friends. "Hey, still have the strapless bra?" Michael asked chuckling.

"I heard that you when you slap an asshole, his cheek turns red. Let's find out if that's true." I said and slapped Michael and walked off. "Ow!" I heard him say

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