Fake Smiles |C•H|

"Why are you depressed?"

"I'm not depressed."

"I can see through your fake smiles."


9. 8

Claire's POV

I started to pack everything.

All my makeup,jewelry,everything.

This is my escape.

From my parents.

Everything is going to be different now.

I headed into my bathroom and grabbed everything.

I put them in my suitcase.

"Ready." I said as turned to Calum.

"Okay let's go." Calum said.

I threw my suitcase through the window.

Then I jumped out.

Then jumped out Calum.

I followed him to his car.

I put my suitcase in the trunk.

I sat in the passengers seat.

Calum started driving.

Soon,we arrived to his house.

We went inside.

This,was my escape.

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