Fake Smiles |C•H|

"Why are you depressed?"

"I'm not depressed."

"I can see through your fake smiles."


2. 1

Claire's POV

I was walking through the school halls.

People describe me as skinny,smart and popular.

The only reason why I'm skinny is because I starve myself. I don't eat.

My parents don't care about me. People think they do. They don't.

My boyfriend is Aron, the most popular guy in school.

People expect me to be one of those dumb popular girls. I'm not. I'm smart actually. My parents just tell me I'm stupid.

I get abused by my parents. I usually have a bruise but I cover it up with make up.

That's what I do with my scars.

I always put on a fake smile, that's how people think I'm happy all the time.

But I'm not.

I get cyber bullied and my parents tell me I'm just a mistake. Their right though. I wish I was never born.

My mum is a alcoholic and my dad is a man whore cheater. My mum knows it, but she never says anything.

My brother on the other hand,lives by himself. He does drugs.

I self harm. I cut myself. My parents don't care enough to even notice.

I don't really have any friends and people think I do.

People want to be my friends just because I'm popular. I want a friend who likes me for me. Not for popularity.

People expect me to bully others. Others such as Calum Hood,Luke Hemmings,Ashton Irwin,and Michael Clifford. But I don't bully them. I know how it feels like to get feelings hurt and I don't want to wish that on other people.

And the truth is, I don't want to be popular. I want to be normal. I hate the attention. I feel like I'm being judged by other people.

I don't want to be judged on how I look or how I dress. I want to be judged on the person that I am.

At home I wear skinny jeans and band tees and beanies and converse and combat boots.

I don't want to wear them at school because I'm scared that I'm going to start being bullied.

And beside the fact that my parents abuse me, my boyfriend does it to me too.

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