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9. Life Tutorials: Staying Organized At School

:D Organize!


Use A Planner

- If your school gives you one that's great, but if not, go out and buy one! They're great for writing your homework assignments in, along with the due date, so you don't get detention for missing any homework!


Clear Routine

- Try to have the same routine every night. Admitted you might do different clubs on different nights, but try to work around that. Allocate time to spend on homework every night, and time to relax of course!


Clear Desk Space

- Have a clear working area at home where you can complete all your homework. Near this desk, stick a whiteboard / blackboard so you can write down any noted you'll need while doing your work.


Folders and Books

- Make sure you have a dedicated book or folder to each class. Here, put any notes, sheets or resources you may have for that specific class - this makes sure you don't lose anything!



- Make sure you've got all the supplies you need before you go to school. In the summer holidays, hit up your local shop, and buy all your pens, pencils, rubbers etc, so you're ready for the next school year!


Pack your bag

- Packing your bag the night before school tends to help you to not forget anything, and it also saves you time in the morning - more time to sleep :D


That's all for this one! Bye guys!


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