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2. Life Tutorials: Makeup Starter Kit

Do you ever wonder when you first start wanting makeup

"What do I need!?! What if I get something wrong?"

Well, I'm here to help you with that! So let's get started, shall we?



BB Cream / Foundation:

- BB Cream is a lightweight tinted moisturizer that is perfect for teens with few imperfections or uneven skin tone. If you feel the need for more coverage, go ahead and use foundation.


- Concealer is great for covering up blemishes and discoloration. Using a shade lighter under your eyes can make them look brighter and more awake.


- A translucent powder can match any  skin tone and reduces shine, making skin appear matte.

Blush / Bronzer:

- Both of these can give your face a youthful glow and enhance your natural skin. Cream formulas tend to stay on longer than powders.



Eye Primer:

- Eye primer helps your eye shadow last all day and prevents creasing

Eye shadow:

- Recommended to use neutral shadows to contour and add definition to your eyes. Nyx has really pigmented and cheap eyeshadows


- There are many forms of eyeliner such as liquid, pencil, gel, and cream. Eyeliner can draw attention to your eyes and white liner can make them appear larger.


- There are many formulas of mascara such as volumizing formula, lengthening, and separating. Suggested a volumizing formula for a more dramatic look and a separating mascara for natural looks.



Lip Balm:

- Lip balm helps moisturize chapped lips and also adds shine.

Lip Gloss:

- Lip gloss adds shine and a bit of pigment. Reccomended Nyx or Maybelline

Lip Liner:

- Lip liner ensures that your lipstick will not feather from your lips. Try to pick a lip liner that matches your shade of lipstick.


- Lipstick is one of the most pigmented forms of lip products. They tend to be a bit drying, so be sure to apply a lip balm before. Also remember to line your lips to prevent the clown look.

Lip Stain;

- Lip stains are a great option if you want a colour that stays put all day. They can also be drying at times, but the Revlon balm stains are moisturizing and long lasting


None of this was written out by me {I typed it out tho}, I got it from an instagram account who I recommend following!


They're awesome, and have helped me find ideas for this! Hope this helped! Bye guys xx



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