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8. Life Hacks: Sleeping

Some sleeping life hacks for all of you who love your sleep :D


Life Hack #1:

Sleep in a cold room, it makes it easier to fall asleep and is more comfortable.


Life Hack #2:

Try sleeping with some music playing on a low level. Preferably non hard rock or screamo music, unless that really relaxes you (it relaxes me aha). It helps calm your mind down, letting you sleep easier.


Life Hack #3:

Stay off your phone for an hour before sleeping. Electronics wake up your brain and make it harder to sleep. Instead, read a book. It'll make your eyes grow tired, and soon enough you'll fall asleep.


Life Hack #4:

Don't eat for two hours before falling asleep. I know some people like falling asleep on a full stomach, but don't. Let the food digest into your system before sleeping. That way, it won't be uncomfortable if you turn over, and it reduces belly fat too.


Life Hack #5:

Put your arms, hands, or fingers over your head and face as you sleep. This has proven to help most people sleep better.


I hope these helped you guys :D

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