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Just helpful things in life that might make it easier :)


1. Life Hacks: Beauty Hacks

Life hacks for all you girls out there! Have some fun with these, they just might help :D


Life Hack #1:

Do you ever find your nail polish not lasting as long as it should on your nails? Look no further! Take some nail polish remover, and rub it on your nails before putting your nail polish on! It'll take off any dirt and residue, letting your nail polish last longer!


Life Hack #2:

Are you impatient when it comes to letting your nail polish dry? Try running your nails under cold water for a few minutes, it should speed up the process!


Life Hack #3:

This one will come in handy if you have a little bit of your favourite perfume left over! Grab a bottle of non scented lotion or shampoo, and pour the left over perfume into it. Mix in well, and bam! Scented products! It also allows the scent to last longer!


Life Hack #4:

If you have static hair and want it gone, it's as easy at it comes! Grab a dryer sheet and cut it in half, then place it on the bristles of your hairbrush! When you comb through your hair, it'll take away all the static, and leave your hair smelling fresh and clean!


Life Hack #5:

If you're running low on your favourite lotion, there's another way to get more out! Cut the top off the tube or bottle, there will usually be heaps left on the side! This'll be helpful if the product was expensive too!


I hope you guys found these tips helpful, and like / favourite if you want to see more! Bye guys xx



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