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5. HTSHS: Keep Your Grades Up

Eek! First thing for How To Survive High School! I'm excited!!!! This is how to keep your grades high!


Take Notes!

- Make sure you take in depth notes of everything you're learning, this way if you're unsure about something, you can refer back to your notes



- Regular revision is proven to help you remember key facts. By revising regularly, you won't be surprised by any unexpected tests or quizzes


Pay Attention

- This is so important, as you won't learn anything unless you're paying attention! How will you write your notes if you don't know what you're learning?


Extra Work

- If you need to get your grades up, ask your teacher for an extra assignment or homework, so you can improve on something you don't know so well



- No one wants to be doing homework, let's be honest, but in order to get high grades, you need to complete your homework!


Hope this might help, just a bit! And sorry for doing all the updates in two days! It's the last week of school and I have a hell of a lot of work needed doing! Anyways, I won't bore you with my life aha. Bye guys!


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