Hadley Thomas has had cancer since the age of six. She has been conscious about it since the day she got it, but one day while she is on the subway to one of many doctors appointments a popular magazine is amazed by her beauty and wants her to model for them.
Still not telling the magazine she has cancer Hadley falls sick and has to shave her head?

Will Hadley still be classified as beautiful? Will the magazine still accept who she really is?


2. Chapter 2 🌸

Although Scarlett is the nastiest girl at school, she's never been mean to me. Well at least not to my face. Aaliyah and Skye have had it worse, there was a rumour going around that they moved to Arizona because they got kicked out of their school in Florida. And of course, no other the Scarlett-Grace started that up! But today was different, much different! From the moment I stepped foot on the bus Scarlett gave me dirty looks and kept snickering to Baylee. I was trying new medication from my doctor and I've missed my alarm 3 days in a row! So of course I looked like I just woke up. "You look like you've been hit by a bus." Scarlett laughed, "nice hair, the birds needed a new home!" Baylee replied with a evil grin. I couldn't believe it, Scarlett has never bullied me to my face. Something was wrong! But we haven't talked in 5 years! What could it be?

After the first 2 periods, Skye Aaliyah and I headed to the Oak tree. It was our spot, even though it felt weird without Scarlett. We had just sat down when Baylee and Katie Hill, another girl in the "popular" clique, came towards us. "Here comes trouble" Skye giggled quietly. "I can't believe you would do this to poor Scar! And just before for her 14th birthday!" Baylee said sternly. "Yeah it's so, like, totes rude!" Said Katie rolling her eyes. "Did what?" Us three girls yelled! Baylee and Katie look at each other and then rolled their eyes. Baylee looked at me dead in the eyes "You brought the last dress at Fab-and-fever and she was going to wear it to her birthday!" Baylee squeals. All my Friends look a one another and laughed. Me? Buying a dress? Yeah right! I don't think I can even afford a cheesy dress from fab-and-fever and I'm sure there are many different designer brand stores Scarlett can shop at! "I wouldn't do that, even if I wanted to!" I shot back! The girls rolled their eyes for the 10 millionth time and strutted off back to the basketball court.

After a long day of rude comments from Scarlett I was glad to be on the bus going home until one girl, Eliza Berton, came and plonked her self right next to me. "I heard Scarlett made up rumours just because she was jealous that her dad said he want you to model on his magazine!" She chirped. I just sat there and looked at the rain drops drizzle down the bus window. I knew this was fake. Eliza is known to try and be a popular, she must have been told to say this to me. Scarlett just wants to get in my mind.


What if it wasn't a rumour?

What if her dad actually wanted me to be a model?

What if he new I was different and he wanted me to be a flawless model!


That couldn't be!

Nobody wants different!

No now, not ever.

By the time I get home I'm soaked by the rain. I fling my bag by the door and plonk myself on the couch. Rory is watching Frozen for the 50th time this week but I'm so tired I put up with it. Then I start to doze off...

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