Hadley Thomas has had cancer since the age of six. She has been conscious about it since the day she got it, but one day while she is on the subway to one of many doctors appointments a popular magazine is amazed by her beauty and wants her to model for them.
Still not telling the magazine she has cancer Hadley falls sick and has to shave her head?

Will Hadley still be classified as beautiful? Will the magazine still accept who she really is?


1. Chapter 1 🌸



This is a word, a noun or something that means nothing to you what so ever. Like to most, Cancer is just a word. A medical condition.


But to me this is much more. Because I, Hadley Alisha Thomas, have this condition.

I've had it since I was 6 years old but before then this word, Cancer, was just a word that I didn't care for. I knew the meaning, but it had no meaning to me what so ever.

I've kept this a secret from most because people don't like different. They can deny it all they like, but it's true. Different is change and change is hated. Everybody wants perfect. People pray for perfect children, but what is perfect?

Because you like green eyes and long blonde hair, is that perfect? But what if I like blue eyes and brown hair? Which one is perfect? I know I'm not classified as perfect. But it's better keeping it a secret. I know I'm not perfect but I don't need to know the truth.


Truth is a word I get told to explain a lot. "Why do you miss so much school? Tell me the truth!" They say when I leave for doctors trips. But they don't know I go on "holidays" so that doctors can try and fix what's wrong with me. What is it that is so wrong with me?

How do you explain different?

My two friends, Aaliyah, and Skye are the only ones who know. They don't treat me any different. They understand me, but I don't think they understand Cancer. We used to be a group of four, but Scarlett-Grace went all crazy when I told her and she is now the miss popular of 8th grade. Her Dad owns That's Fashion magazine, which is the craze of my class and Scarlett never lets us forget the HER dad owns the magazine. But, what would you expect! I would to if my dad was a multi-millionaire! My mum and dad both have long working hour jobs. My dad is a Builder over in California. He comes home, to Arizona, every 3 weeks. My mum is a nurse, who has to take night shifts, so that usually leaves me in charge of my 6 year old brother Rory. He knows I'm different, but I'm scared he will not like different as the years go by.

I own a few copies of That's Fashion Magazine. But people like Skye and Aaliyah own every single copy! I don't like the fact that only people you see on the front of magazines are flawless models. They would never ever have somebody different on the cover. And if you aren't perfect, the magazine doesn't have a hard time telling you that your nobody. My friends tell me all the time that I should be a model. "You totally have the body for it!" says Skye. But I would never make it! I know one of these days I'll have to shave my head. That's an imperfection and people don't like that! Nobody wants me on there magazine! Trust me!

Scarlett and I used to be best friends. I'm sure somewhere in my room I have a friendship bracelet to prove that. It was just us two since kindergarten but then in third grade twins, Aaliyah and Skye, came and we were all the best of friends. I always trusted Scarlett the most though. Then one day in grade 4 we all sat down on a scratched up, graffitied bench under our favourite oak tree. I told them about my cancer. Aaliyah and Skye were fine, so was Scarlett, at first. Then she stopped.

Stopped talking.

Stopped texting.



She ditched us three, and I don't really know why. She now hangs out with Baylee Tucker, her dad is the head writer for Scarlett's dad magazine. So now they go shopping together for lipgloss that costs more then my house. Although she hasn't told anybody about my cancer, she sure doesn't let me forgot that she can.

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